Sunday, 24 January 2010

SAG Pictures

Michelle Forbes yesterday at the 16th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards (SAG) 2010 in L.A.:

* Tonite on ION 'Durham County', episode 5: 'Boys Do Things'

Monday, 18 January 2010

Bellissima in Bianco e Nero

Michelle was reunited with her True Blood co-stars at the HBO Golden Globes' after party last night, Jan 17.

Pictured below with co-stars Anna Paquin and Deborah Ann Woll (with whom she shares the screen in the upcoming film Highland Park)

Saturday, 16 January 2010

SFX Weekender

Michelle will be appearing on Saturday, Feb 6th, at the SFX Weekender in Camber Sands holiday camp in East Sussex, UK. Hosted by SFX magazine, the con's premise is the ultimate experience for every sci-fi fan. According to the news announcement, Michelle is be presenting a Golden Raygun award and holding a Q & A.

Tickets are said to be selling out fast, but you can still try getting them here. Let us know if you'll be attending.

AFI Awards and In Treatment Coming to DVD (UK)

Here they are! First pictures of Michelle Forbes in the roaring 2010!

The year has already begun with the AFI Awards' honorary luncheon in LA yesterday. Every year The American Film Institute celebrates outstanding work in film and television during the past year. True Blood has been chosen as one of the best TV programs. In its rationale, AFI singles out "Michelle Forbes' brilliant performance as Maryann Forrester[,] the magnetic center of an audacious and orgiastic season that [...] asks penetrating questions about what it is to be human - to desire, to discriminate and to dig deep into the delights of television."

Pictured below with co-stars Sam Trammell and Carrie Preston:

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Season 1 of In Treatment will be out on DVD in the UK on February 1st. You can pre-order it on

The series has reportedly been picked up for a 3rd season. Production should begin early this year. Let's hope that Michelle will be back as Kate. :)

Friday, 8 January 2010

Happy Birthday, Michelle Forbes!

Happy birthday, Michelle - have a wonderful day and a fabulous year!

your fans and watchers, geeks, nerds and pirates

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Tragedy, Laughter and Acceptance

Below are the best parts of another insightful interview with Michelle on Durham County:

"The beauty of her acting is that we see the character, not the actress...she disappears behind their personalities. 'My [project] choices are instinctual a lot of the time,' she said.

'[Pen Verrity's] confronted with her own failures as a wife, a mother, a psychiatrist. Pen's so far gone; she's drowning...'

'It's still not acceptable for women to express outrage,' she said. 'It's just not socially acceptable. They're expected to keep a lid on it.'

'[Finstad]'s not afraid to walk boldly into this world,' Forbes said. 'She's able to show the frail, dark side of the human condition...'

'...I wanted to be part of [DC],' she said.'It was something you won't find in Hollywood, which I love.'

...despite the serious nature of Durham County, 'The great thing is Laurie and Adrienne have such a great sense of humor, and Michelle Forbes has an incredible sense of humor...'

'My way of dealing with tragedy is laughter...Directors sometimes worry when they see me laughing before a scene.'"

Police shows are almost always just about the crimes. But what are the psychic after-effects? That's what we're exploring.

Note: Dear reader, you may have noticed that this and the previous post
have been edited a number of times. I received a bollocking by Chris, [-: I've quoted too much. - Randy

Michelle Shines in Durham County

Season 2 of Durham County has just aired and there are already two interviews with Michelle. Enjoy!

"On Durham County you play a very conflicted woman - part victim/part villain and very sad -what do you think of Pen Verrity?
Michelle Forbes: It was an amazing opportunity to play someone as tricky and as complicated as Pen, and how [series creator] Laurie Finstad-Knizhnik came up with this character, I have no idea. But I think Laurie takes a cold stark look at true womanhood on many different levels, including the ugly parts of being female that we don’t want to look at. I think one of the things that fascinated me the most is what happens to a woman’s psychology when she’s not a good mother. It’s the one thing you are biologically predisposed to do, and if you don’t have that maternal instinct, what happens to you psychologically when you fail at being a mother and at being a wife? She truly explores the darker side of what happens to us as human beings.

What do you think makes this series so special?

I think that Adrienne [Mitchell], Laurie and Janice [Lundman] have an uncompromising vision. They want to explore the darker aspects of our humanity and they do it with a beautiful visual style. They have a unique voice that belongs just to them and they haven’t had to compromise it yet. So I think it’s just their voice. that’s what makes Durham different. And Adrienne Mitchell’s visual stamp - that bleak landscape sort of lends itself to the story and created a full environment for it...

What have been some of your favorite roles?
There have been so many. I would say those on Homicide: Life on the Street, True Blood and In Treatment."

[...]“I thought [Durham County] was so visually stunning and haunting - the music was haunting, the visuals were haunting - I had to be a part of it,” Forbes said... “It was something outside of the Hollywood box, which I love. It was psychologically daring, and I am really, really pleased and proud to be a part of it.”

[...] “I don’t like the ‘Twin Peaks’ parallel,” Forbes said. “A lot of people have said that, and I’m a little perplexed by it. It’s misleading. People expect to see a Log Lady. ‘Twin Peaks’ is one of the most phenomenal series America’s ever produced, and I think ‘Durham County’ is fantastic. They’re just not anything alike.”

[...] “It was an entirely new group of actors and an entirely different production team,” she said. “Because I’ve been around so long, it’s rare to walk onto a set and not know half the people, whether they’re crew or actors. But it was delightful to walk into an entirely new company and not know anyone. I love walking into new companies and countries and cultures. It was very different in that sense, having the Canadian outlook.”

Following last night's premiere, what (some) people are saying (while others remains speechless):

oh man, you'll love it. Michelle is scary amazing as Pen.
Watching Durham County. So far, highly recommended
Creepy, dark & twisty.
this Durham County shit is crazy!!!
It pains me that Durham County commercials say "True Blood's Michelle Forbes" and not "Homicide: Life on the Street's Michelle Forbes."
Source: twitter

Also, S2 of BSG has been acknowledged as one of the Top TV Seasons of the decade thanks to the wonderfully-written and performed story arc involving Admiral Cain.

#6. Battlestar Galactica, Season 2 (Sci-Fi, 2005-06)
Probably the most engrossed I've been by a TV series this decade...The characters all got deeper, darker, more complex, and the critiques (of the Iraq war, specifically) never more trenchant.

Top Episode: "Resurrection Ship, Part 2," where the conflict between Adama and Michelle Forbes's Admiral Cain came to a chilling conclusion.
Source: Low Resolution Blogspot

(9) Season Two is Battlestar Galactica at its best...the "Pegasus" saga, where another Battlestar commanded by the royal c-word Admiral Cain (played to perfection by Michelle Forbes of Star Trek: TNG and Homicide) shows up and starts really ****ing everything up. These episodes really could be the best of the whole series.