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Durham County 2: The Fish In The Ocean

Episode 3 of Durham County The Fish In The Ocean - tonight on The Movie Network and Movie Channel.

The characters on Durham County:

(Click to enlarge)

Mike (Hugh Dillon), Pen (Michelle Forbes), Sadie (Laurence Leboeuf), Ray jr (Greyston Holt), Mark (Alex Cardillo), Jonathan (Geordi Johnson), Maddie (Cicely Austin), Audrey (Hélène Joy), Roxy (Claudia Ferri), Tom (Patrick Labbé), Glenn (Mike Dopud), Ray (Romano Orzari)


Below I'm quoting two articles (translated by Randy) by Emilie Semiramoth, a journalist of the Paris based magazine 'Générique'.

About Durham County season 2:
Durham County S2 : Noir c'est noir

Our opinion. The same freezing grey screen and the sensation of suffocation, the signature of the series, returns to seize the audience and actors. In Durham, where everything is heavy and murky, everyone's life is like a burdensome rock. Mike and his dark past with Ray Prager. Audrey, his wife, has just recovered from breast cancer and has decided to divorce. And Sadie, their daughter, is still haunted by her frightening face-to-face encounter with Prager...The new season begins with an inventory of damage suffered by means of the journey into the human psyche where it is difficult to silence old daemons, especially those that bounce back after having hit rock-bottom.

Durham County has this rare talent on television to explore the worst nightmares to afflict a human being without complacency and with a 'cold in the back' realism. A simple look from Michelle Forbes is enough to set the scene, and assures the most harrowing performance. Behind her cool appearance of a brilliant legal psychologist, Dr Verrity is bitter after the drowning of her daughter and the dissolution of her marriage to the point that her mental balance can be seriously called into question. This is a little curse that hits the characters in the sad county in the Canadian province. Everything is always loose and threatens to collapse every second.
Black, dreary, horrific... but also gasping for breath and masterfully directed, Durham County is a black diamond in a raw state but it is better to be armoured before rubbing it.
French source:

In addition a quote from Emilie's bio article about Michelle:
A slender figure, a dark and captivating look, Michelle Forbes is, first of all, a voice: deep, sensual, authoritarian and fascinating. In credits, like Zeljko Ivanek, she starts to become a fad where this
portrait is a form of a declaration of love for, as yet, a little known actress.
[As Susan Metcalfe] she offers an, as yet, unheard-of breath of game, mixing combativeness with vulnerability.
In the collective consciousness, the face of Cain was crystallised as the sum of anger, fear, provocation and the resolution. She succeeds in conveying sympathy without saying a word.
Forbes is mixing the most interesting projects of the past two years. In True Blood, as a dangerous and fascinating entity, who pushes hedonism to its height/limit/max, a battered woman at In Treatment, and reveals herself as particularly troubled in Durham County. But even if her stature and gaze pierce the predestined sulphide roles, Forbes does nor remain less multifaceted. Unjustly ignored by the film industry, she has exploded onto television. Her being a workaholic explains itself in that she does not like to attach herself to any project for too long. "It can be a very frustrating and annoying thing to be labeled in any part of your life," she tells for the launch of DC. "I always want to be out of my comfort zone. I have a propensity to get bored very easily." So when will be the advent of Michelle Forbes ?
French source:
Thank you, Emilie, for the permission to publish the translation.

Update :: Screencaps in the gallery

»» Gallery :: Screencaps of episode 3

Article in LE MONDE, Paris, translated by my personal hero Randy:

Durham County (Season 2) - Hatred Under the Electrical Tower

"There are places upon this Earth that corrupt, break and everyone who
lives there. A curse seems to have imposed its reign and nothing, not
even the will and courage of men can drive it away. Is this because of
the electric towers supporting high voltage buzzing over the grey and
black fields? Is it the sky that is just too low and too heavy, to the
point where affects all things? In the middle of this desolate
horizon, men and women and children continue to live, linked by hatred
and yet trying to believe in love.

The atmosphere of the Canadian series which just premiered in its
second season, is al that. This suburb, where Mike Sweeney settled
down to establish a happy family, quiet and without history. Except
that there are those damned towers, these fields as far as the eye can
see and these clouds that refuse to let the sun shine through. Here,
hope has been dispelled, like in a crime novel by Arnaldur Indridason
or Henning Mankell.

Durham County is the kind of crime series that draws its inspiration
from literature and not in already cut-out models that have been
reproduced over and over again, many of which we are familiar with.
The first season consisted of six hour-long episodes and the second
season follows the same pattern, and picks up where its predecessor
has left off. Suffice to say that these are two parts of the same

Mike Sweeney belongs to the category of cops that populate the shelves
of some good libraries. Superbly played by Hugh Dillon (also on the
cast of Flashpoint), Sweeney is a hard-boiled character whose crusade
against crime does not fare well with his family. Especially if his
old tormentor and childhood enemy, and a serial killer, Ray Prager,
has moved into the neighbourhood. The violence and hatred that he
tries to confine to the outside of his home.

The particularly slow style of photography is placed in harmony
with the perfect silences that fight over the dialogues. Falsehood and
half-confessions are unrivalled in the world of Mike Sweeney. This
duplicity reminds of that which gave life to the protagonists of the
great Jim Thompson. Durham County is a work of fiction that makes one
feel ill at ease and, at the same time, is full of tepid inspiration,
and it feels good."
Source: Le Monde Online

Durham County is bleeping fantastic. If you haven't watched it, you're
missing out and should immediately take steps to rectify the situation
Source: Toronto Star

samsned: Anyone going to watch Durham County tonight. Great show!!
Watched it last season.
theMediaChick: Durham County makes Monday so much easier to accept.
lizmarasse: Durham County is a scary show!
loather: watching the first season of durham county. these canadians are crazy!
Source: Twitter

Team Maryann, Unite and Take Over!

True Blood Episode 02x06 Hard-Hearted Hannah :: Reviews - Reactions - Recaps

Before we enter the complicated world of one Verrity on Durham County, an hour of high-calibre entertainment is in store for us tonight in the form of True Blood. According to BonTempsGossip yet another party awaits us: If you thought the last party was sweet..

The synopsis:

Sookie embarks on a dangerous mission to locate missing vampire sheriff Godric. Bill, in the meantime, is shocked when a vampire from his distant, more violent past resurfaces in Dallas. In Bon Temps, Daphne presses Sam to get comfortable in his own skin. Meanwhile, Hoyt continues his unlikely courtship of Jessica, and Jason faces difficult emotional and physical choices at the Light of Day camp. The episode directed by Michael Lehmann will also see Tara and Eggs taking a detour while on a road trip and Andy interrogating Lafayette about his disappearance.


I don't know how about you but I really enjoyed last night's episode. It had plenty, and I mean plenty of entertainment. I even wished I could have added my djembe-drumming skills to the fiesta. At long last the cliffhanger rested on Maryann's shoulders.

Disturbing. Sexy. Gross. Creepy. Mysterious. Musical. Scary. Funny. How a show can pack so much into one hour is beyond me.
If Maryann's so all-powerful, why doesn't she use her spells to fix the hot water heater? Just sayin'.
TV Squad

Finally the Maryann storyline is blasting into full gear.
Buddy TV

Spoilers Below

Uh-oh, the water heater is broken at Chez Stackhouse, and Maryann is kind of cranky because both her shower and her coffee are cold. It was a strange to see Michelle Forbes playing Maryann for cheap laughs; it wasn't my favorite color of this character.
TV Guide

The mystery deepens with Eggs. Was he part of some ritual sacrifice? Did Maryann make him forget? As he finds out the truth, will his allegiance to Maryann falter? We now know that Daphne is the pig and has been working for Maryann. What is their game with Sam? The creature has come back into the story as Maryann donned the mask of a bull. Is this creature part of the ritual? Kind of tired of the orgy scenes. Hopefully, the show will get to the point.
True Blood Blog

When [Daphne] lures Sam into Maryann's latest orgy---which is so powerful that even Eggs and Tara are in the black-eyed sex club---she gives new life to the season's most repetitive plot device. Now it's not just fornication: It's fornication and the horrifying sacrifice of a major character. I can't quite call this the Sucker Punch, though, because we've known Maryann was up to something awful for weeks.
The Huffington Post

I’m talking about [...] Maryann’s wildest whipped-up orgy yet, which included Tara and Eggs going at it like rabbits, but rabbits with dead-ghoul eyes. Yes, the danger is becoming more harrowing with each week, so that now one of True Blood’s pleasures is its churning suspense, so far kept under an artistic control that’s so confident on the part of Alan Ball and his directors that it hasn’t gone over the top.
But the core dangers were cliffhanger doozies. Sam is at once horrified and trapped in Maryann’s Dionysian freak-out.

papiinmiamifl: I don't care what nobody says ... Maryann rocks on "True Blood" ... Michelle Forbes is beautiful and plays one bad bitch ...
KatkaTarasova: I wish I could make my avatar photo on here vibrate like Maryann on True Blood. Everyone who looked at my picture would start having sex.
TheMediaChick: Randomly watched an episode of True Blood while doing something else last night. It was...odd. Michelle Forbes does sinister so well.

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True Blood at Comic Con

Cast portrait by Entertainment Weekly

The True Blood panel played to a packed crowd at San Diego Comic Con last night. I was able to watch most of the live footage and also follow the proceedings on twitter. The atmosphere in the room ws simply ecstatic. Take a look at the videos below:

Michelle received two questions:

A source of a lot of the action that's coming up is Maryann...We've seen you portray very powerful women, and again in True Blood, a very powerful woman. Why do you think this genre lends itself to female characters who are this powerful?

I think this genre gives a lot of freedom to see things that could be possible in the future, and that is within...with Mary MacDonnell I spoke a lot about this on Battlestar. She's a goddess, by the way. And I think that, it takes a lot of cliches out of our minds and gives us a level of freedom in our thought. And I think it's just a very forgiving genre, especially on this show, it can be so heightened in one sense, but you know the beautiful thing is that Alan and our writers are so grounded in emotions, and I think we're seeing an entirely new love for these different genres.

Michelle's response is very timely and relevant especially with regard to Battlestar Galactica and TB having been robbed when it came to the Emmy nominations. The reason for this is evidently the fact that they belong to the fantasy. At the same time, as Michelle was saying, it is this genre which provides female characters, that overturn our preconceptions of female stereotypes. Furthermore both shows cannot be 'boxed' into a single genre. Battlestar, for example, is very timely, and relevant, questioning issues of justice, politics, and so on that affect us today.

On what drew her to the role, Michelle replied: "When somebody offers you a role when you're standing in the middle of the road naked with a pig You don't say no."

With Michael Aussiello and Deborah Ann Woll (Jessica - my favourite vampire).

At the signing:

Saturday, 25 July 2009

Michelle at Bear McCreary's Battlestar Live Concert

Yesterday at Bear McCreary's Battlestar live concert at the House of Blues in San Diego:

(click to enlarge)
"Last night’s concert experience was nearly a religious one for me. The energy coming from the crowd was incredible. David Eick, Edward James Olmos, Michael Hogan, Grace Park, James Callis, Richard Hatch, Nicki Clyne, Michael Trucco, Michelle Forbes and director Michael Nankin all gathered on stage to honor late producer Harvey Frand who passed away Thursday. We dedicated the concert to his memory and brought the frakkin’ house down."
Read more on »» Bear's Battlestar Blog

Here's a video of 'All Along the Watchtower', Bear McCreary’s concert also featuring Katie Sackhoff on the piano. Shot at the Grand Performances Series in downtown Los Angeles, June 13, 2009.
Note from Bear McCreary: “Kara Thrace herself, Katee Sackhoff, joined me on stage at the grand piano to play Kara Remembers I played the left hand part, and she plucked out the Final Four Theme, just as she did in the climax of Someone to Watch Over Me. Once we had the Final Four Theme going on the piano, the band snuck in, building to Heeding the Call and finally All Along the Watchtower."


One more video of the Polaris TCon Press Conference in Toronto:

»» Polaris part 1 - Youtube

Update :: More Polaris TCon Press Conference videos, good quality (True Blood, Durham County, Canada, Hollywood etc):

»» Polaris part 2 - Youtube

»» Polaris part 3 - Youtube


P.S. A few words to the contributor who sent us two photos of Michelle Forbes, obviously taken yesterday in San Diego, caught unaware. We appreciate every submission to our blog, but please, no paparazzi (or whatever) pictures at moments that are not official public appearances, and without her explicit approval. Personally, I find these photos and these 'photographers' disrespectful, and in some countries (particularly within Europe) this isn't only considered quite tasteless, but is illegal and strictly forbidden. --Chris

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Durham County 2 - Bonus Features

Head over to the Durham County website to watch some interesting video clips. Click on 'Bonus Features', and you'll find 'Behind The Scenes', 'Interviews Part 1' and 'Interviews Part 2'. (Michelle Forbes, Hugh Dillon and Helene Joy)

Unfortunately I can't embed the videos here :(

P.S. They linked our blog :) Thank you Muse Entertainment, Back Alley Film & Co !

Diplomacy Screenings

The 9min short film Diplomacy (2009) will be screened at two Film Festivals in the U.S.

Los Angeles Shorts Festival, Monday July 27, 2009
»» Visit their website for more info

Rhode Island International Film Festival, Sunday August 9, 2009
»» The RIFF website

"On August 9, 2009, the Rhode Island International Film Festival (RIIFF) will present "HIP, HOT AND SHORT: SALUTING THE ART OF THE SHORT FILM" the Official 2009 Closing Night Presentation. It will be an amazing evening of short films from around the world. - The RIIFF Closing Night Screening will take place on August 9, 2009 from 6:00-8:00 p.m. at the Columbus Theatre Arts Center, 270 Broadway, Providence, RI."

Diplomacy has got a website: »» Di·plo·ma·cy

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Dreamcatcher at Polaris

As promised, our very special correspondent Deb, has taken her time to share her very first con experience with us. Read on to find out how she met Michelle Forbes (many times :)), the questions asked at the panel, and much much more.

Thank you so much, Deb!

Update: Sunday's report has just been added.

Saturday 7/11

It rained saturday, along with thunder and lighting. So my 14 year old dog Honey was terrified. I had the worst allergies. Exercised, ate breakfast, showered and dressed. A little make up. Fed Honey breakfast. Packed up my laptop and dvd of Razor. I hurried along to the tcon.

After finding parking, I ran to the photo shoot. I actually got in line early, only about 10 people a head of me. I still wasn't quite awake. While in line, I chatted with a woman about the convention and the guest, she had been to other tcon's. She enjoyed them. She was looking forward to Michelle's and Claudia Black panels. After paying, we were shuffled off to the next room to filled out a very small form with our name and email address. I had to whip out the reading glasses. The form asked weather or not we wanted just the photo or a jpeg, or both. I circled both. I looked up and there she was! Michelle Forbes! Her hair was down. She wore black flats with a small gold trim on them. Yes, I checked out the shoes first! Gray straight leg jeans, a black tank top underneath a cute black cotton jacket. Hooped gold earrings. Very casual. I was up next, and was still not quite awake. (One cup of coffee just doesn't do it.) I walked up and stood next to her. She asked how I was, I said I wasn't awake and some days were better then others. She said "That's all we can really ask for". We poised . Snapped a picture. I thanked her. And off I went. By the way she is tall, but I'm used to tall women. ;)

I went in search of coffee. They had a Starbucks at the hotel, but I really don't care for them. Outside there was a Tim Hortons two doors away. Went got myself another coffee. Checked the time, about a half hour before Michelle's panel. Back to the front of the hotel. Grabbed a smoke and started to enjoy my coffee in the sunshine. (Yeah it had been raining just an hour before.) I started chatting with a woman who was a sci-fi writer from Toronto. She admitted to me that she's always nervous when it comes to speaking in public and it was much more comfortable behind her computer. It was a nice chat.

Off I went to Michelle's panel! Grabbed a seat next to the woman I had chatted with at the photo shoot. Chatted some more about the different shows we liked, Farscape, BSG, and Stargate. The announcement was about Michelle not wanting photo's taken. Out she came! With her big cup of Starbucks in hand, she waved and sat down, in a big comfy chair. I tried to snap a few pictures without flash, they just didn't come out. Sorry. Since I didn't have preferred seating. The stage was low so I could only see the top of her shoulders and head. Good enough. She started off saying how much she loved Canada, and loves Toronto, and that Canada had it all. Some people lined up for there questions. So I'm going to try to recall what questions were asked and what the answers were. Well to the best of my ability.

Right of the bat someone asked about Ro Laren, and why she didn't take the role. She answered politely that she was not ready to commit to a seven year contract and was too young to get married.

There was a guy that asked about BSG. but I'm not quite sure what he was asking, it was a really long and drawn out question. She said had been asked a couple of times about taking the role, and finally did once she viewed the dvd's that Ron Moore sent her, and was hooked.

There was a question and comment on the political situation in the States. She had said that she was grateful that the 8 years of oppression was over. That she was looking forward to the new administration.

Someone asked what she liked on her pizza. Not pineapple! (I agree,YUK!)

There was a question about HBO's Entourage, weather or not she had one. No. But she's seen other's with there own Entourage.

She was asked about what she watched on TV. She admitted that she was a Brit-Com nerd. She likes The Mighty Bosh and Absolutely Fabulous. She didn't know if there was an American version of Ab-Fab.

Durham County 2 was also mentioned. She loved the intense writing, it's deep and dark characters. How the writer / producer was very accessible.

Another question about whether she was being groomed to take the Ro role on DS9. Again she was polite and said that she was not to her recollection.

She was asked weather or not she read the Sookie Stackhouse books. She said that she had stopped after the first book, that director Alan Ball was taking a different direction.

And another Star Trek question, yes it was about the same as the first one. (Wish people would pay attention.) This time she got a little sarcastic. Said something about it only being about 9 hours of STNG.

Of course she was asked about True Blood and her reaction to 'Naked Pig Lady"

She said bring It.

On a side note: She likes her Starbucks, a girl came on stage and brought her another tall coffee (it could be tea) and was about to take the old one away when she said no, no i'll keep this one too. Michelle announced that she has a new best friend. Referring to the girl who brought her coffee. Cute!

There was a question or a comment made about why society looks to actors and athletes as heroes, not police & fireman. She agreed about police & fireman should be. Big round of applause on that one. Also something about why the media was paying more attention to Michael Jackson's death rather than the soldiers coming home from Iraq.

Any funny scenes that came from True Blood. She giggled about the acting pigs, (yes there are two and I can't remember there names) one of the pigs bolted out of the little house she was in and went after a gaffer, Chris Bauer and her.

Another question about Ro Laren. She said that she answered that for the billionth time, inside and out that she felt she wanted a variety in her career. (She did bang the microphone on her forehead at this point)

A question about directing and the cast & crew of True Blood. How she loved her new family, how much everyone got along, what really cool people they were, etc.

Another side note: her microphone went a couple of times. She made light of the situation and didn't panic. It was rather humorous.

I wish I could remember what the question was to a reference she made about that every 7 years, she thinks about quitting the acting thing. She said that a friend of hers in New York spoke with her, and talks her out of it. And she did refer to herself as Mishka during that answer. Wish I could remember what it was now. And that she sees Brent Spiner from time to time, that they share the same manager who's from Britain.

That's about all I can recall, after jointing down some notes after the panel. I couldn't find a quiet place to write at the hotel. Or internet access outdoors of the hotel. Trying to take photo's was difficult too. Tcon people were walking around the entire time, and I didn't want to be asked not to come back. It was there policy.

I stayed for Claudia Black's panel, she looked fabulous too! She started off by just chatting about her life after Farscape and Stargate. The husband and her 2 kids. She was a great guest! Some Q&A and thanked everyone. It was nice.

Off for the Autograph room. Line was short and we again were asked not to take pictures. (... okay) As I waited in line I chatted with a couple of girls about the other tcon and conventions. They go to a couple a year and more than thrilled to talk about the guy who played Daniel Jackson on Stargate. How he looks different in person and his good looks. (mmmm, okay) Oh and Claudia Black's gorgeous shoes. (So, I'm not the only one who enjoys nice shoes! Maybe a little differently.) Chatting made the wait less long. As I waited I got out my dvd cover and the dream catcher I made. As I payed, I asked if a gift would be okay. Yep she accepted it, and again asked how I was. I said I fine now that I was more awake and had got that cup of coffee I needed. She had her trusty Starbucks right next to her. (Along with her iPhone) I told her it was my first convention and she asked how it was for me. I said it was ah.... different. She signed the cover and thanked me for the gift. I thanked her for the autograph and left.

I went looking for place to write again, but to no avail, no where to sit quietly. I wandered around looking in the dealers rooms and an art exhibit. Both interesting. I went to find if my photo was done. I chatted with a guy who teased me about being from Buffalo and that I had huge accent, go figure he's from Canada. Accent, ... please!

Again I wandered around. I saw Michelle again, at some glass doors coming inside from outdoors. I didn't stick around to stare. There were people with her escorting her back in. Looked for a place to sit, again. Arrg! Went back to the other side of the hotel. Again I see Michelle in the hallway waiting by the elevators, with 2 Klingons! She was looking at the floor rather embarrassed about it. Poor thing.

I finally got my photo. Michelle looked great, I did not! So I cropped myself out of the one I'm sending. Along with a photo of the dream catcher I have from my car. The missing poster (I swear I didn't take this one). And my autographed items. Also a photo that has a picture of her and the dream catcher I gave her, way cool! And a picture of her walking off stage. Hopefully I'll have Sunday's report soon! Thanks for reading!


Sunday 7/12

Beautiful day out, as compared to the two storms from Saturday. Had coffee. Walked my Honey dog. Exercised, ate breakfast with the Honey. Showered. Dressed a little more casual (I put on sandals and blue jeans, black t shirt and a little make up. Don't want the villagers with torches chasing me.) Packed up the lap top. Off I went in the Subaru. Quick drive today. No heavy traffic.

Michelle's 2nd photo op was too early. I did however make it to her 2nd panel. Again she asked no photos please. The tcon people were out in full force. (sorry again no pictures.) She came in wearing a black cotton jacket, black tank top underneath and blue jeans. Her hair was up. (My favorite!) Couldn't see her shoes though. Yet another Starbucks at her side. She again by saying how great Canada is with the free heath care and the weather. She loves it. Now I'm going to try and remember what was asked, and what was said. I know that some of her answers where longer than what I'm writing.

She started taking questions. And of course the first one had to be about Ro! She graciously gave her answer again. There was another later on I just tuned it out.(The tcon was formally known as Toronto Trek Convention for years. So a lot of 'trekkers'.)

Another BSG question and comment about the stress of command. She told a little story about a General in Rhawanda when he and his troops were on the last days of the revolt. He had goats that he kept. At the end of the day he would sit with his goats and calm himself. In the days that followed, he was told that wild dogs had killed all his goats. He then went out and shot all the wild dogs he could find. (I can now see Admiral Cain and the EXO she killed.)

A question was asked about True Blood and the music. She made mention about the music director, who was a dj on a station out in Los Angeles. She said she spent a lot of money downloading the songs that are on the show. Close to $200.00! And she was quite animated about the Bob Dylan song for the trailers. That the soundtrack was from season 1 was available now.

A question was asked about the Emmy nominations that were going to be announced Thursday 7/16. She wasn't too much into getting one herself and that it's a shame that Mary McDonnell was never given a nomination. (I agree!)

Another question about inspirational books and films that got her started in acting and how she became an actress. She mentioned that she was training to be a ballerina and giggled about it. "Ballet is what I meant." That she was shy as a kid and was encouraged to take acting classes. One of her favorite movies and books was "Beauty And The Beast" directed by Jean Cocteau. (The book was one of my favs as a kid too. Didn't see the film.) She mentioned other films but, of course, I can't remember them.

A great question (I thought) was asked about her possibly writing, producing or directing. She said that the directing would be to demanding on her. She did however say that producing would be more up her alley. That way she could encourage and nurture artists and projects.

A question was asked and it was a doozie. "What question would you want to be asked?" She paused. "Why has no one asked about Durham County 2! You're bad Canadians!" Someone shouted out that they didn't want it to be spoiled. Lot's of giggling. She said that the first episode was on Monday night. 'Watch it!"

There was a lull in the panel. She quipped "Now what shall we do?" More giggling from the audience.

More people lined up for questions. A little kid came up with his Mom, and asked if she was a super hero, what super hero power would she have. She laughed, "I want them all. I'm greedy like that!"

Someone asked about charity organizations she was involved in. She was passionate about animal rescue. (Me too!) A organization in Los Angeles called Second Chance that fosters dogs. Another that has to do with Mexico, and the horrific acts that go on to animals there.

A quick comment about the little park in front of the Hotel was much nicer with the benches than the side walk outside the doors. (She smokes.) "I was yoga breathing" she interrupted. Smiling about. (...yeah, I saw her coming back in from her smoke break on Saturday.)

A comment about Kalifornia and question about what it was like working Brad Pitt. She said he had a strong work ethic, and was all business.

Someone asked about In Treatment and that they loved her portrayal of Kate. She had mention that Gabriel didn't like his 'therapy chair'. He was sitting in it nodding his head when she left to another project, and when she came back, he was still sitting it and still nodding.

There was a question about True Blood again and what it was like on the set. She was saying how cool the all the people were. Including the crew and production team. Really cool people.

I also remember that there was a mention about '24' and as to why Lynn always looked so serious. She said that she had two broken toes! She was in real pain, having to put on the same shoes everyday. Not being able to let them heal properly. (eeww!) Also saying how she had to wear the same outfit everyday. Suggesting to the producers what if Lynn spilled some coffee on herself, so that she could change her clothes. I giggled. I guess it would be pretty boring wearing the same outfit everyday.

Her panel ended. Her final words "You guys rock!"

Well, that's all I could recall on some of the questions.

Walked around a bit more. No place to sit with wi-fi, again. Decided to treat myself. I did get one of the new glamour pictures autographed. I picked out the over the shoulder shot, black background. While I was waiting in line, I noticed someone had a BSG uniform in a heavy duty plastic bag. She had it autographed. How cool was that! Went out for a coffee and a smoke myself. Still nowhere to sit. with wi-fi. Being my first convention, I did strike up a few conversations. Small, but interesting. A lot of different fans of all kinds of Sci-Fi. I may do this again next year. Even if Michelle isn't one of the guests.

I did sit in on Matt Fewer panel, very amusing guy. Very tall too. Michael Hogan's panel was cool too. He had told a story at he end. About the first season when the crew was saying "So say we all!" Louder and louder. He made us say it too. Yes, loudly! Sat for the closing ceremony. They had a nice video tribute to actors and writers that had recently passed away. Some awards where given out. Applause for the volunteers. A total raised for the Gilda's Club was announced $8,880.00, very nice. No guests again! Just like Friday for the opening ceremony. Arrg!

My overall impression of Michelle was surprisingly entertaining on stage. Whit that would snap your neck. Very driven. Focused. Genuinely friendly to everyone when speaking to them for photos and autographs. Naturally sweet nature. Someone I'd actually have a coffee and smoke with.

Take a look at all of our posts tagged with Polaris for all Michelle Forbes-related coverage.

(Top photo with Matt Frewer)

Monday, 20 July 2009

Durham County 2 - Ray Loves Sadie True

Durham County 2, episode 2:' Ray Loves Sadie True' airs tonight in Canada. Can't find a synopsis. But here is the opening sequence of season 2:

»» Youtube direct link

* USA: Durham County is coming to the U.S. this fall on ION Television. Visit the US website for DC for more information, check out video clips, hidden gems and interactive features: So far only season one is covered. You can also follow Durham County on Twitter and on Facebook.
* Europe/Australia: While the first season currently airs in reruns in Europe (dubbed in French, German, Italian, unsure if in Spanish) and is shown in Australia, the second season will air in various European countries (but not in the UK) later this year or in early 2010. Check with your national or regional TV.
* The DVD set of the first season is out of stock, in Canada and in Europe as well.
* A little bird told me that there is hope for 'Behind the Scenes' and/or 'Making Of' videos of Durham County 2.


Tout aussi époustouflante visuellement que son aînée, cette seconde saison choisit de ne pas faire table rase du passé, bien au contraire : tout comme la première vague de 6 épisodes avait travaillé son rapport au passé des personnages (la relation trouble entre les anciens amis Mike et Ray, les raisons de l'affectation de Mike dans le petit patelin...), cette seconde plâtrée fait de même et propose de remuer le couteau dans les plaies ouvertes des protagonistes. Souriant gaiement aux démons qui frappent à la porte de chacun par paquet de douze, la scénariste Laurie Finstad-Knizhik (Bliss, Cold Squad/Brigade Spéciale) semble encore bien partie pour disséquer et autopsier les tréfonds de la noirceur humaine, une analyse renforcée par cette ambiance oppressante posée par cette atmosphère aussi saisissante que lourde et singulière. Le goût des réalisateurs pour l'alternance entre longs plans posés et étouffants et séquences hallucinées est toujours une des grandes marques de la série : on retrouve une nouvelle fois ces omniprésentes lignes à haute tension lourdes de sens à l'arrière-plan, disputant aux nuages massifs leur part de terrain tandis que les rêves (éveillés ou non) font toujours montre d'un esthétisme bluffant, couplés à une litanie foraine à la fois assourdissante et entêtante. Et Durham County de continuer de défendre son statut d'oeuvre aussi plastique que psychologique, sorte d'objet aussi bâtard que fascinant, travaillant dans chaque plan, chaque circonvolution de l'horreur, sa paternité tant aux oeuvres d'Alan Ball qu'à celles du David Lynch de Blue Velvet. Assurément passionnante !

Screencaps of episode 2 in our gallery - DON'T click the link you haven't seen this episode!
»» Gallery episode 2

* LoganOfLonsdale: If you thought the character Michelle Forbes plays on True Blood was creepy weird, she's got nothin on Dr. Pen Verrity of Durham County!
* theMediaChick:Tonight! Durham County airs on Monday nights. :)
* gcookie60: @theMediaChick So was Durham County on last night? Or is it not a once a week show? How was it, as great as the first episode?
* ZindziMA: Nthg 2 do so watching durham county on demand. This looks like it cud be a new addiction.
* grazen: Gawd, I'm exhausted. I can't believe that we stayed up to watch four episodes of Durham County last night. Sooooo good though.
* jettefierce: wants to know why it always rains in Durham County
* rodmckie: As a shareholder in the BBC, I insist they buy Durham County, better than the shitty Wire (can't believe they fell for that).
* rodmckie: Bleary-eyed! Watched final 3 episodes of excellent dark Canadian cop drama Durham County, s1, last night. British TV should buy it in.
* shallowesque: Watching Durham County with Kira. Pre-emptively clutching a stuffed animal. What? The show tends to be traumatizing.
* Arkanis: is glad Durham County is back! Great start to the second season.
Source: Twitter

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No More Orgies, Please!

True Blood Episode 02x05 Never Let Me Go :: Reviews - Reactions - Recaps


Sookie connects with one of her own, then joins Bill and Eric for a strategic summit at the lair of the missing vampire, Godric, attended by his lieutenants, Stan and Isabel. Meanwhile, Jason shows his mettle at a Light of Day boot camp, and is rewarded for his hard work with a gift from Sarah. Rebuffed by Tara in her relocation efforts, Maryann decides to cast her spell on the staff of Merlotte’s, softening Tara up towards her new “family.” Eric shares a little-known secret about his past with Bill, and Sookie makes a decision that might solve the Godric mystery – or get her killed.



Meanwhile, Tara's turning the Stackhouse home over to Maryann. We learn that Maryann's power extends beyond the careful craft of orgy to making people angry from outside in a car. Also, homemaking. After Eggs delivers a well-placed lecture on the meaning of family, Tara's no longer sure who her family is. Everyone at work suddenly hates her, but she returns home to find a makeup-less Maryann dressed up like Gran all homely like. Maryann FTW; she finally understands what Tara needs. (We still don't know what Maryann needs from Tara, but I do like the theory from the comments last week that she plans to impregnate her with some sort of creature-baby.)

I love Maryann. That is all.
Source: Ashitaka's Angels Blogspot

Tara scuttles out to the kitchen and lo and behold Maryann is there whomping up a big old fashioned breakfast for forty as is her wont. Maryann wants to move in with Tara and Sookie, but Tara delivers an eviction notice, and Maryann is not pleased. Much like the Hulk, she is not one to piss off.
It's a busy night at Merlottes. Maryann drives up and loiters in the parking lot. She goes into You messed with the wrong maenad mode, and before you know it, everyone in Merlottes in bitching and griping and pissing and moaning at Tara.
Tara comes home from her rotten night tending bar to find Maryann at the kitchen table, dressed in grandmotherly clothing and acting all grandmotherly. Tara has a change of heart and invites Maryann to stay.
Source: TVFodder

It's funny that all the hormonal happenings in the episode took place without Maryann's interference. She might have picked the wrong town in Bon Temps -- its residents are randy enough as it is. Sam and Daphne "played a little pool" but didn't address the 500-pound elephant in the room -- those inch-deep scratches on Daphne's back. It's a little weird that she hasn't explained them and that Sam hasn't asked; although now that he knows she's a shifter, maybe he assumed she got attacked by another animal. Being a shifter explains how Daphne could have survived being attacked by a minotaur, if it was the same thing that got her that got Sookie. I don't trust her; and I think she's connected to Maryann somehow. My best thought is that just like Maryann can turn Sam into a dog at will, she can turn Daphne, too, and she turns Daphne into that minotaur, and uses her as her henchman. Both of the people who have been attacked -- Sookie and Miss Jeanette -- are directly tied to Tara.
Maryann showed she can not only cause people to strip naked, eat dirt and face plant in cakes, but she can also make them angry. When Tara (understandably) balked at Maryann's request to stay at Sookie's house, Maryann worked a little voodoo on the Merlotte's staff so that they'd turn against Tara, and Tara wouldn't even know why.
I had to laugh when Maryann asked Tara about staying at Sookie's house. Did she think that was normal? She didn't see any issue with her, Carl and Eggs all taking up residence in a house that's not even Tara's to begin with? Even crazier is that Eggs thought that was perfectly acceptable. But then Tara gives in after Maryann puts the guilt-trip whammy on her. Did you see the Pollyanna dress Maryann was wearing -- something that looked right out of Gran's closet -- when Tara got home from the bar? She's playing the "mother," card, understanding that to get to Tara's heart, she's got to up the maternal factor. Maryann has to know Sookie won't be thrilled with her uninvited house guests, so either Maryann expects that will tick off Tara and separate the two friends, or she doesn't think Sookie is going to make it back from Dallas.
Source: Pioneer Local

We do know that you obviously don’t want to piss her off. I wonder how Sookie will feel about that group of gypsies moving into her home. I have a feeling it’s not going to end well if Bill gets involved.
Source: Joe on the Tube

What is Maryann's fascination with Tara? Seriously! It's creepy. Did anyone notice how homely Maryann looked tonight, when Tara came home from work? It's crazy that she can go from sexual goddess to homemaker in the blink of an eye. Tara better watch her ass!
Source: DVD Talk

As for Mary Ann, we didn't learn much more but that she's not about to let Tara out of her grips (but we don't really know why), and she can control more situations than just crazy parties.
The Sam and Daphne situation was a little more developed as we found out from their jaunt into the woods at the end of the party that she doesn't just know that Sam's a shape-shifter, but she's one too! Now I'm very curious about this because, yes, we saw her do it, but could this be a trick of Mary Ann's?
Could Mary Ann have some trap she's trying to lure Sam into by making Daphne a fake shape-shifter? And if she just is and always has been a shape-shifter, when is it going to become a big deal that she has those scratches on her back? It's a little curious that Sam hasn't asked her yet, but hopefully that's going to be included in the excitement that this episode seemed to be building up to.

Pro: Oh, I like this Maryann twist, her moving in. Ok, okay, color me interested. And of course Tara will let them move in because she's terrible, and Eggs is terrible and they can all be terrible together.
Pro: Maryann dressed up as the grandma, oh dear. This really made me laugh in a creepy, "Ok sure why not" kind of way. Tarahis stupid not to see through this ridiculous act. If I came home and the weird rich 40-something woman who always dressed up in beautiful dresses and jewelry was in a drab grandma dress, I would kick her the hell out immediately. At least they are attempting to make her more interesting. Let's hope this works.
mindinrewind:@ninjajazza: Yeah. Maryann has been leaving Sam alone, for the most part. And Daphne's appearance seems a bit convenient. I think that maybe a non-lethal attack by the minotaur-Maryann leads to control over that person. Just a theory. *shrugs*

MaryAnn has her own family of sorts, and more than anyone, recognizes its importance. That's why she stirs the pot in the Merlotte's Roadhouse family, and then dresses up as Gran to pull Tara back into her circle. Of note was the dark twist on the Gran's theme music they played during the MaryAnn as Gran scene, which was nicely set up with an earlier reprise of the theme played while Tara was looking at the photo. Meanwhile, MaryAnn also must have something to do with Daphne and her convenient appearance in Bon Temps to ensnare Sam.
Source: Thus Spake Drake Blogspot

I was not expecting Maryann wanting to move in. It was awfully convenient that her home was all of the sudden borrowed. It’s possible that she was telling the truth, but I have my doubts. Was anyone else freaked out when Tara came home and found Maryann dressed like Gran and waiting up for her at the kitchen table reading a book? Déjà vu, anyone? She’s really screwing with Tara and we found out that Maryann can create discord as well as lust.
Source: Tru Blood Blogspot

Maryann and Tara's arc takes a baby step forward as Maryann moves her creepy posse into Sookie's house (!) and starts dressing like Sookie's gran (!!) in order to convince Tara that she's an honest-to-goddess mother figure. That's cool, but like many of you, I'm impatient for Maryann to stop moving the pieces into place and start playing the game already.
Source: Huffington Post

morpheerimbaud: Just noticed that Maryann had watermelons. She's my heart.
andre_cohen: Vi 30 min do 2x05 de True Blood e putz como eu adoro a Maryann,melhor personagem da temporada!Vou voltar pro episódio...
LoganOfLonsdale: True Blood's 2nd season is awesome but what the hell is Maryann Forrester? A witch? A succubus? A troglodyte? Tell me - now. Please.
jodim: i feel like maryann on True Blood, about to morph into something scary. This solar eclipse business is seriously unsettling.
wildsoda: Had a nightmare about Maryann from True Blood last night. She's like the ultimate Jewish mother, but with evil magic powers.
ashleemint: Don't let Maryann's vibrating orgies fool you. True Blood's Michelle Forbes is very well-spoken!
redbrierrose: I'm really sick of Maryann on True Blood. I wish something would eat her.
jcwolfe: Hey True Blood Fans: the new creature that Maryann becomes looks like the Jamiroquai logo
evermoore: I so love True Blood. Great show. Watching episodes multiple times. Is Maryann the Devil? Some demon? Intriguing!
greek610: I'm lovin' me some Michelle Forbes, Maryann is HOT! True Blood rocks!
chadebeterraba: True Blood 2x05 : Novamente essa série me surpreendeu,de um jeito bem estranho,e to em duvida sobre quem eu gosto mais Jason ou Maryann
ChelseaCain: Michelle Forbes is reading my book HEARTSICK on tonight's episode of TRUE BLOOD. Which just about made me pee my pants.
bret2028: Loved that Michelle Forbes character on "True Blood" was reading, "Heartsick" by Chelsea Cain. Perfect!!
pf_c: Michelle Forbes should never wear the clothes she is currently wearing on True Blood. Not ever.
popwrap: How good was True Blood last night? That Maryann!!!!!
TheMrsHM: True Blood was soo good! Loved how Maryann was dressed up like gran reading in the kitchen..LMAO
Jo_Mom: A new episode of True Blood tonight! Most memorable moment - Maryann dressed as gran - OMG! Laugh out loud funny!
Kilashandra: All this drawing out of the mystery of Maryann on True Blood is driving me crazy in a delicious and captivating way!
FilmGirl007: True blood still keeps you at the edge of your seat with every episode and the biggest question, what the hell is Maryann and why
qasabutton: True Blood - I wish they'd kill off Maryann before I go to jail for doing it. The nerve, sitting there in the kitchen like Gran. Errrrrr!
DMeris: Tara showed Eggs that picture of Gran & now Maryann is sitting up in Gran's clothes w/her hair combed like Gran's!!! Trouble!!! (True Blood)
vytrinket: urrrrgh. Goddamn True Blood. damn you Tara! Get away from Maryann!
averita_: Hmmm, True Blood was good but obviously a set up for lots to go down next week. I'm
totally loving Maryann though, MF is awesome.
yor_2020: True Blood: good news for conscientious vampires, bad news for those wanting to be bitten. It's another night with the mesmerizing Maryann!
TetrisPiece: watchin True Blood. I wanna party with Maryann XD
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Diplomacy - Prix du Public at Paris Cinema International Festival

On Monday night the short film Diplomacy won the Prix du Public (Audience Award) at the Paris Cinema International Festival.

»» Interview with the director Jon Goldman in Paris.

Emilie from France kindly translated the text for us. Welcome to our blog, Emilie, and thanks so much!
After 'Kind of a Blur' here is the second Jon Goldman's short film in the competition. Nine minutes between tension and comedy for a meeting at the top. Diplomacy offers a confidential entry into the world of international diplomacy...

You are yourself a translator. Is this movie autobiographical ?

Well it's a bit complicated. I don't work in the world of diplomacy but in the movie business. I translate scripts from French to English. However I've been familiar with this kind of situation because as a translator, you often have the opportunity to change words for the sake of a better meaning. It's impossible to translate directly: between two languages there are two cultures. So you have to understand and really know the culture, not just the meaning.

It is a very precise film with a lot of attention to the details. How did the filming go?

First there was a huge amount of work put into the writing. Each word had to find its place. We shot the movie in two days in February. We edited it three months ago. That was before the elections in Iran but Obama was already president. At this moment I was really interested in what was going on between Iran and the United States. I imagined there was a possibility for a dialogue between the two of them.
For me it It was a difficult project but very fascinating. The editing style had to follow the rhythm of the dialogue and, at the same time, give enough time to read the subtitles. And we needed to be able to listen to the person talking at that moment and observe the reactions of the others.

How did you direct the actors?

The directions were very precise. Rehearsals were intense. They often wanted to change something but it was really difficult to allow space for improvisation in this movie. If they did propose a modification I had to think about it for 24h just to be sure whether it was right or wrong.

Did people see the film in Iran? How did they react?

I showed it to some Iranian politicians and journalists. Everyone who's seen it loved it. I've been told it was very difficult to show it to the people in Iran but thankfully there is YouTube!
So I intend to add a translation in Farsi for the Iranian version because some details about the language escape the viewer of the English version.
Diplomacy synopsis:

The American Secretary of State is about to meet the Iranian Minister of Foreign Affairs. They both have an interpreter: Michael for the United States and Azar, a radiant young woman, for Iran. Faced with increasing tension, they improvise a tacit strategy and change the dignitaries’ words. Jon Goldman does a brilliant and energetic description of exchanges during negotiation, making us feel the tension which is about to explode. Based on a topical subject, the film brings up the latent lack of understanding between Iran and the United States and calls a general question on a possible dialogue between the two countries. Through a lucid sense of irony, the film suggests that, sometimes, moving a few words could change things, as diplomatic relations often hang by the subtle thread of rhetoric.

Cast: Michelle Forbes, Navid Neghaban, Omid Abtahi, Nazanin Boniadi

Diplomacy will have its U.S. premiere at the Rhode Island International Film Festival August 4-9.

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Durham County Will Blow Your Mind

Durham County Season 2 :: Reviews, Reactions & More

DC Screencaps - Ep 1 - Little Lost Children

Durham County Interview :: Chum FM Toronto-Roger, Darren and Marrilyn - July 13, 2009

»» Chum FM onDemand

As with the first season, the sequel to Durham County unfolds like one long bad dream. To its credit, the show's moments of violence are brief and non-gratuitous. More disturbing is the frighteningly normal depiction of suburban existence; the public parks, the grey skies and swaying trees provide the perfectly unpleasant backdrop for secrets and lies. No blue heaven here.
Dillon, who commands attention as a serious actor, is on a cold simmer as the conflicted cop and deeply unsuccessful family man; if Mike was tortured in the first season, this time around he is haunted.
The dramatic bar is raised immensely with the new character addition of Michelle Forbes as Pen Verrity, a forensic psychiatrist with her own dark secrets. Like Mike, she's recovering from tragedy: The drowning death of her young daughter. Together, they are moths drawn to the flame. Their inevitable bonding is both erotic and troubling.
None of it is easy to sit through, but rarely is the human condition laid open this stylishly. For better or worse, Durham County is as good as Canadian TV drama gets.

Durham County will make you think twice about moving to suburbia.
The award-winning and critically acclaimed Canadian crime drama returns for a second season tonight. Set amid the lonely, open spaces, cookie-cutter homes and towering power lines of the suburbs, Durham Country is one of darkest, grittiest, well-written and sophisticated shows on television at the moment.
Simply put, it's Canadian television at its finest.
Every character on the show has skeletons hidden in their closet, and they all seem bent on adding new bones to the mix. Underneath the concrete greys, mini vans and banality of the burbs, something wicked this way comes. The show offers a haunted landscape where the bodies pile up, violent instincts are unleashed and a smiling killer may live right next door.
Michelle Forbes joins the cast as forensic psychologist Penelope Verity -- a troubled women who may or may not have been responsible for the drowning death of her daughter (one of the eeriest scenes in the early season involves Verity imagining her daughter's body rising up insectlike from under her backyard pool tarp, only to crawl into her mother's arms). Sweeney, whose mistress died at Ray's hands in season one, quickly falls into an intimate, volatile relationship with the unstable woman.
In an interview recently, Dillon praised Forbes addition to the cast: "She does things because she's passionate about them . . . she loved the writing, she loved season one. She was drawn to the project."
Source: The Star Phoenix

If an actor can be judged by their choice of roles – keeping in mind that choice isn't always an option – then Michelle Forbes was bound to be a fascinating, formidable and fearless woman.
An embittered alien ensign on Star Trek: The Next Generation. A boozing medical examiner on Homicide: Life on the Street. A doctor again for a brief stay in a mental institution on the short-lived Wonderland. The ex-wife of psychiatrist Gabriel Byrne on In Treatment.
Forbes also served two terms as a White House advisor on Prison Break and 24. Then she headed back into space for a truly chilling turn as Battlestar Galactica's ruthless Admiral Helena Cain.
You want to talk multi-tasking? She can currently be seen on not one but two cable series, as the mysterious Maryann Forrester of True Blood, and now Penelope Verrity, a forensic psychiatrist with issues of her own on the second season of the Gemini Award-winning Durham County, returning to The Movie Network tonight at 9.
Like I said: Fascinating, formidable, fearless ... one thing I did not expect was "flustered."
"Am I late?" (She isn't.) "Sorry, I'm totally out of it today."
Blame the long, late-night shoots for True Blood. And the fact that Forbes hasn't had a week off in well over a year. We're only getting this rare chance to chat because she happened to be in town for a science-fiction convention.
Yet another brave and remarkable thing about Forbes – she has somehow managed to thrive in and transcend three of TV's most formulaic and traditionally male-dominated genres: science-fiction, police procedural and medical drama. Such a strong sci-fi association has alone been known to kill lesser careers.
Source: The Toronto Star

* AaronMcNair: everyone has to watch "Durham County" increadable and very dark
* Rey_Carr: Watched first episode of Durham County. How could this bleak, depressing show be so engaging?
* accesssean: Thought last night's premiere of season 2 of Durham County hinted at some strange, dark things, although it was a bit awkward and stiff.
* rocknrollsenemy: Its called durham county...go watch it
* Bluestockings31: @BradBrisco Durham County was quite excellent.
* erikmissio: And Durham County was suitably uncomfortable.
* opiated: I'm still drained after Durham County tonight.
* melistress: Yay! Durham county season 2!
* camiuchoa: Durham County is so dark, creepy and awesome - love it. Watched 47 minutes of episode 1 season 2; can't wait to watch the 13 min left...
* theMediaChick: Durham County Ep 201 finished. Phenomenal. Hugh, Laurence, Michelle...riveting. Overall, disturbingly delicious.
* BradBrisco: Mmm... Love me some complex and flawed characters on Durham County. Also I forgot how amazing the production design on that show is.
* theMediaChick: @Flashpoint_TV Wow. That 'little show' was incredible! Even more intense than S1 is right. Am in awe. Durham County is my drug of choice.

* moon_angel: Agreed! RT @kelseydesmond: Why isn't Durham County a trending topic?
* SweetKitchen: Watched first episode of Durham County. Wow it's dark and the landscapes stark. Glad T.O. is not actually like that!
elseydesmond: Durham County 2, FUCK! :)
* moon_angel: @tongueincheek_ definitely watch season 1 of Durham County, it was awesome.
* theMediaChick: @Flashpoint_TV Wow. That 'little show' was incredible! Even more intense than S1 is right. Am in awe. Durham County is my drug of choice.
* opiated: Psyched for Season 2 of Durham County which starts tonight!
* erikmissio: Excited (in a morbidly, dark, gut-wrenching sort of way) for the return of Durham County tonight.
* theMediaChick: At long last! Durham County S2! In a few hours I'll be turning down the lights and anxiously viewing the exquisiteness that is DC.
* Flashpoint_TV: Durham County Season Two premieres tonight on TMN at 9pm. Hugh Dillon leads cast. Seriously awesome TV show!
* meladramatic: Durham County will blow your mind. My mind is blown. Holy Shit.
* deekayw: there's a durham county season 2?!? lucky Canadians...
* BradBrisco: Just saw a commercial for Durham County Season Two while waiting for True Blood to come on. So excited for tomorrow, it's sad!
* meladramatic: Durham County will blow your mind. My mind is blown. Holy Shit.
* wilzmak: If you thought the bad guy in DURHAM COUNTY was chilling, wait until you see Michelle Forbes tear it up in the second installment.
Source: Twitter

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Durham County - Powerful And Tender

Michelle Forbes in recent interviews:

"I think one of the reasons I gravitate to these interesting characters, these women who tend to do very bad things for very good reasons ... it's not one dimensional, it's not a cliché, it gives you the room to get in there and dig deeper and find the heart of what does make people do these things.
"I always want to be out of my comfort zone. I have a propensity to get bored very easily."
"Penn Verrity, when we meet her, has lost her daughter to a drowning death and is going through a bitter divorce and custody battle with her husband over their son. It all triggers a downward spiral ... she's bleeding out, basically, psychologically and emotionally..."
"Look, I am a workaholic, no doubt. I know I need some sort of vacation. My garden is a mess. I'd like to see my friends. But I know I'd get about a week into it and I'd start to, you know, lose my mind."

“[Creator] Laurie Finstad Knizhnik has created this world where people do very strange things,” says the Austin-born Forbes, her own character damaged as a result of a daughter who drowned, a husband who thinks she’s to blame, and a son who’s deathly afraid of the water as a result. “These are desperate people, and they are fleeing from their own terror. Pen is quickly unravelling, and has moments of lucidity, where she knows what she is doing, but she knows she is losing control.”
Monday’s return episode, “Little Lost Children,” ends with one such moment which caused me to shout “No WAY!” at the twist wrought courtesy of Pen.
“It was pretty shocking to read that scene in the script,” says Forbes with a laugh. “Laurie’s writing is blunt, emotional, brave, powerful and tender. She’s never sentimental and never goes for the cliché, thank God.”

“Interestingly enough, True Blood is the light thing!” said Forbes, laughing hard. “I think True Blood saved my life after Durham County.”
“I would say that probably I’m just an actor who’s not afraid — I willingly go to those dark places, I’m curious about those dark places, just as a human being [...] Also, I wouldn’t consider myself a vain actor, so I’m willing to go there at all costs.
I’m always looking for something that is going to fill up every part of you. What’s the point of being story-tellers otherwise?”
“I have done a lot of things where I wasn’t creepy, I promise! It’s just not the ones with the big audience!”

Yesterday Deb took these photos near Toronto -
"I cruised around in my car and took some pictures. It's really creepy! The electric towers you see in the logo, they are everywhere! They come from a nuclear power plant that's on Lake Ontario..."

The second season of Durham County kicks off tonight.

»» More HERE on the blog

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Sex, Secrets and Claws

True Blood Episode 2x04 :: Reviews - Reactions - Recaps

Je la trouve terrifiante, mais en même temps, j'apprécie l'aise du personnage que rien ne dérange, qui a l'air d'y croire à fond et qui claque belles robes, bijoux de ouf et coiffures sculpturales. Chaque fois qu'on la voit, je zyeute avec passion ses tenues. Et plus ça va, plus c'est du délire.
Son look de prêtresse antique à la fiesta de Tara était... extraordinaire. Et ça ne doit pas être simple d'avoir l'air à l'aise là-dedans, mais Michelle Forbes, pourtant pas de la première jeunesse, l'assume avec une classe et un aplomb qui ferait sans doute pâlir d'envie bien des starlettes.
J'en profite pour clamer un amour absolu à Michelle Forbes, qui enchaîne grand rôle sur grand rôle, son passage dans In Treatment bouffant dans ses scènes même un grand acteur comme Gabriel Byrne. La folie aussi de voir la palette de son jeu entre Cain, femme de psy malheureuse et cette divinité évaporée et cruelle pour ne parler que des plus récents.
Et cette voix... *amour**papillons**arc-en-ciel*

(I find her terrifying but at the same time, I appreciate the ease of the character who isn't bothered by anything, and who has an air of utter believability, and who shows off her beautiful clothes, fantastic jewellery and sculptured hairstyles. Every time she appears, I observe her endeavours with a passion. And the farther they go, the better. Her look of an ancient priestess at Tara's party was...extraordinary. And it does not have to be easy to look like being at such ease in there, but Michelle Forbes, ever since her younger years, moves from one strong role to another, with such aplomb that it would make jealous any starlet. I'm taking the chance to declare absolute love for Michelle Forbes, who enchants in one powerful role after another. Her scenes at In Treatment are as heavy as those of Gabriel Byrne. It would be foolish to miss this role in contrast to Cain: the wife of an unhappy psychoanalyst and this evaporated and cruel divinity who has recently not been much talked about.
And this, butterflies, rainbow.


Warning: MAJOR spoilers below.

»» Maryann/Sam Screencaps - Not An Alpha

Welcome to our Top Moments, Boys of Summer edition.
5. Best Reveal: Guess what, guys? True Blood's Maryann has claws! And the head of a bull sometimes! And she's making everyone in town crazy with her sexy dancing and orgies of food, wine, sex and violence. Also: As played by Michelle Forbes, she's awesome.

* dreamnasium: if there is an actor who is the kiss of death for a show, Michelle Forbes must be the kiss of life.
* FatboyRoberts: Ah, True Blood. You trashy bit of genius. One of these days Michelle Forbes is going to play a nice girl.
* DarksideHalo: I may have had too much caffeine. I'm vibrating like Maryann Forrester (Michelle Forbes) on True Blood. Sadly, sans black-eyed–orgy powers.
* hidim: True Blood sen nasıl bir dizisin... Bu kadar gizem yeter ulan, daha fazla gizem istemiyoruz ama siz illa bastırıyorsunuz... Maryann forever.
Note by chris: I don't understand a word of the above, but it sounds nice ;-)
Source: Twitter

Michelle goes on to explain that in her opinion, Maryann is not evil–just very different–that she does not even have evil intentions (it’s been disclosed by True Blood that the bull-headed thing with the claws killed Miss Jeanette). I find this fascinating because if Maryann were judged in the real world she would be a murderess and probably lots of other bad things, too. But Michelle does not judge her character and I’ve heard the same from other veteran actors when they take on a role. Since they inhabit the character–almost become it, they can’t exactly go around hating that character in order to portray him or her effectively. So the actor finds a way to justify the character’s intentions [...]

* I like her. I think Michelle Forbes does a fine job at making Maryann charming yet sinister.
* I like the character a lot. I'm getting kind of bored with her storyline, but I think Maryann herself is great. I've like Michelle Forbes since she played Admiral Cain on Battlestar Galactica.
* I assume we're not supposed to like Maryann, which is good for me, since I don't. The casting was great, and I like a lot of what the character has brought to the show. I just think they're being too slow with her reveal.
* It's been dragging on for far to long. I'm bored of her, Eggs & Tara(with those two). I don't even care what she is anymore because knowing she's a Maenad isn't going to change the fact that she's dull. I want Vamps! Vamps, Vamps, Vamps! *temper tantrum* No more Maryann!
* The more I think on this, the more I realize she's my favorite character too. I'm eagerly anticipating the climax of this season when the main characters finally face her for what she is.
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The earth and the roots of the tree give birth to the claws, the claws of the most dangerous creature on TB, a female demon/monster - whatever. I can't remember that I ever saw a more absurd, abstruse and dumb re-interpretion of the symbol Mother Earth. Even the most conservative people in human history stick with the principle: mother earth = mother nature = the giver and sustainer of life.
Well, the TB writers and producers apparantly have a lot of fun to introduce their audience to a new meaning: mother earth is the origin and source of violence, brutal murder, diabolic and evil under the sun - and it is feminine.
Congratulation, Mr. Ball. Thank you for enlighten us.
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Note by chris: the 'chris' above is not me = chris from this blog ;-) it's an anon chris, email-quote. I've one thing in common with that chris. In the future I'll be avoiding all Alan-Ball-produced/written/directed stuff ;-)

Also at the party is Sam, who gets hot and heavy with new waitress Daphne. But things get as complicated as Denise Richards' life when Daphne reveals that she knows all about his morphing ability. It seems like every week, Daphne gets more and more interesting.
Speaking of interesting revelations, Maryann is outside working her mojo by digging into the dirt and summoning the orgy gods, which cause everyone at the party to have sex, eat dirt and fight. Maryann does her little shake, rattle and roll until her arms turn into monster hands. Monster hands with three giant claws just like the ones of the half bull that attacked Sookie, killed Miss Jeanette, and clawed Daphne. So I guess she's the killer. Or is she? I'm guessing True Blood is way too smart to make things that easy.

As with all of Maryann's parties, she does some chanting and some vibrating, which the party goers (especially Tara and Eggs) seem to enjoy, all up until the point where things start to get just a little bit out of control...which is when Maryann reveals her creepy claws. I want to know more! Enough with the slow burn on this storyline, Alan Ball!

When Sam insists that he’s going to make sure Maryann doesn’t hurt his friends, she taunts him: “Even when they dump you, or choose a dead man over you? You’re really not an alpha, are you?”
Just when we think it’s the same old thing — dancing, groping, fighting, dirt-eating, everyone smearing their faces with cake, Maryann quaking — Maryann transforms into the clawed beast.

Later Tara tells Mary Ann of her plans to move in with Sookie immediately. Mary Ann is clearly shaken but acts cool, although she does give herself away a bit when her eyes get that I-am-a-mutant-pig-monster look and she says, "I'm sure you'd do the same for me," to Tara when Tara thanks her for her hospitality.
Maybe someone should obliterate Mary Ann, who is busy putting a master plan in effect at Sookie's house in the form of what turns into an incredibly bizarre birthday party for Tara. She invites a bunch of weirdo town folk, throws away the present that Tara's pathetic old mom gives to Sam to bring to the party and sashays her way into the woods where she pulses like an industrial blender until the party is whipped into an obscene froth worthy of Nero. Everyone's eyes turn black, they smear cake and dirt all over themselves, they fight and copulate in public.
Speaking of copulation, Tara and Eggs do just that in a passionate, sweaty trance. Something tells me the result of this power coupling could be worse than Rosemary's baby.

* JM_Hutchis: Just bought the first season of First Blood. I blame Michelle Forbes' talk at Polaris. What's this about a pig?
* Hallainzil: When a TV Show plays the Michelle Forbes card, you know it means business.
* pgrtag: If you've been watching TRUE BLOOD, you can't deny that Maryann throws one heck of a party! True Blood is the talk around the office today.
* pearlbullets: how many episodes in a row will Maryann have an ecstasy party on True Blood?
* scottskramer: Last night's True Blood was pretty meh. Seemed like a lot of talking for no pay off. I'm also growing tired of Maryann character.
* ProgGrrl: Heh RT @marklisanti My fave part of True Blood is when Maryann Wang-Chungs everyone at her parties into black-eyed, gluttonous sex-zombies
* MyQueerAmerica: Just watched last nights TRUE BLOOD and am now officially terrified of MaryAnn! lol But the bitch can THROW A PARTY!
* Caligurl4ever04: watched true blood tonight.. maryann creeps me out but i think she's the bull thing that attacked sookie and apparently daphne
* 40OnTheWrist: Ok so True Blood just got real interesting this past episode. Apparently Maryann is not a Maenad. She is the bull thing that attacked Sookie
* carlyuu: true blood- is maryann aphrodite?
* loupulice: I'd let Maryann from True Blood turn my eyes black any day.
* verse7: I swear Maryann of true blood feeds of off orgasms, and orgies
* tomythomson: True Blood was awesome again. WTF is Maryann? She seems to be getting power from making people get crazy and horny
* 13smexi: true blood was really awkward tonight because Maryann is the scratcher person and was buzzing again and made everyone sexual as always
* yor_2020: Did you catch True Blood? Maryann is indeed the man-bull slasher!
* phreakoverride: @Alicesen28 lol true blood is the shit! So than maryann is that bull/human monster right?
* thermos62000: I love how Maryann on "True Blood" uses her witchcraft/power/whatever the hell it is to get Tara laid on her birthday. Very crafty.
* JJ_isHype: I think Maryann is scratchin the ish outta peoples backs. But it's True Blood so I know I'm wrong. I was wrong last season
* chr0me: Oh, True Blood. Why can't you just be the Tara, Lafayette, Eric & Maryann show? Jessica, Terry, and Pam can come hang out, too.
* missabba: so maryann is the minotaur bitch...but wtf true blood. ANSWERS PLZ.

* lyerla: Ah HA! Maryann on True Blood. I knew it, I knew it, I knew it.
* anashay: enjoyed True Blood tonight, but I wish they would just hurry up and show us what is up with MaryAnn!
* ChristieZizo: True Blood is maddingly secretive. I can't take one more of Maryann's parties without knowing what she is really doing to people!!!!!!!
* nsalad: Wow - #True Blood is THE show for having best cliffhangers - I'm going nuts. Maryann totally freaking me out.
* heHarried: I'm gonna need Maryann to throw me a party & I don't care about what kinda crazy voodoo demon thing she has goin on True Blood
* ChrisJakob: Maryann on True Blood still creeps me out. When is her secret coming out? I mean, come on, the chick vibrates
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