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No More Orgies, Please!

True Blood Episode 02x05 Never Let Me Go :: Reviews - Reactions - Recaps


Sookie connects with one of her own, then joins Bill and Eric for a strategic summit at the lair of the missing vampire, Godric, attended by his lieutenants, Stan and Isabel. Meanwhile, Jason shows his mettle at a Light of Day boot camp, and is rewarded for his hard work with a gift from Sarah. Rebuffed by Tara in her relocation efforts, Maryann decides to cast her spell on the staff of Merlotte’s, softening Tara up towards her new “family.” Eric shares a little-known secret about his past with Bill, and Sookie makes a decision that might solve the Godric mystery – or get her killed.



Meanwhile, Tara's turning the Stackhouse home over to Maryann. We learn that Maryann's power extends beyond the careful craft of orgy to making people angry from outside in a car. Also, homemaking. After Eggs delivers a well-placed lecture on the meaning of family, Tara's no longer sure who her family is. Everyone at work suddenly hates her, but she returns home to find a makeup-less Maryann dressed up like Gran all homely like. Maryann FTW; she finally understands what Tara needs. (We still don't know what Maryann needs from Tara, but I do like the theory from the comments last week that she plans to impregnate her with some sort of creature-baby.)

I love Maryann. That is all.
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Tara scuttles out to the kitchen and lo and behold Maryann is there whomping up a big old fashioned breakfast for forty as is her wont. Maryann wants to move in with Tara and Sookie, but Tara delivers an eviction notice, and Maryann is not pleased. Much like the Hulk, she is not one to piss off.
It's a busy night at Merlottes. Maryann drives up and loiters in the parking lot. She goes into You messed with the wrong maenad mode, and before you know it, everyone in Merlottes in bitching and griping and pissing and moaning at Tara.
Tara comes home from her rotten night tending bar to find Maryann at the kitchen table, dressed in grandmotherly clothing and acting all grandmotherly. Tara has a change of heart and invites Maryann to stay.
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It's funny that all the hormonal happenings in the episode took place without Maryann's interference. She might have picked the wrong town in Bon Temps -- its residents are randy enough as it is. Sam and Daphne "played a little pool" but didn't address the 500-pound elephant in the room -- those inch-deep scratches on Daphne's back. It's a little weird that she hasn't explained them and that Sam hasn't asked; although now that he knows she's a shifter, maybe he assumed she got attacked by another animal. Being a shifter explains how Daphne could have survived being attacked by a minotaur, if it was the same thing that got her that got Sookie. I don't trust her; and I think she's connected to Maryann somehow. My best thought is that just like Maryann can turn Sam into a dog at will, she can turn Daphne, too, and she turns Daphne into that minotaur, and uses her as her henchman. Both of the people who have been attacked -- Sookie and Miss Jeanette -- are directly tied to Tara.
Maryann showed she can not only cause people to strip naked, eat dirt and face plant in cakes, but she can also make them angry. When Tara (understandably) balked at Maryann's request to stay at Sookie's house, Maryann worked a little voodoo on the Merlotte's staff so that they'd turn against Tara, and Tara wouldn't even know why.
I had to laugh when Maryann asked Tara about staying at Sookie's house. Did she think that was normal? She didn't see any issue with her, Carl and Eggs all taking up residence in a house that's not even Tara's to begin with? Even crazier is that Eggs thought that was perfectly acceptable. But then Tara gives in after Maryann puts the guilt-trip whammy on her. Did you see the Pollyanna dress Maryann was wearing -- something that looked right out of Gran's closet -- when Tara got home from the bar? She's playing the "mother," card, understanding that to get to Tara's heart, she's got to up the maternal factor. Maryann has to know Sookie won't be thrilled with her uninvited house guests, so either Maryann expects that will tick off Tara and separate the two friends, or she doesn't think Sookie is going to make it back from Dallas.
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We do know that you obviously don’t want to piss her off. I wonder how Sookie will feel about that group of gypsies moving into her home. I have a feeling it’s not going to end well if Bill gets involved.
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What is Maryann's fascination with Tara? Seriously! It's creepy. Did anyone notice how homely Maryann looked tonight, when Tara came home from work? It's crazy that she can go from sexual goddess to homemaker in the blink of an eye. Tara better watch her ass!
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As for Mary Ann, we didn't learn much more but that she's not about to let Tara out of her grips (but we don't really know why), and she can control more situations than just crazy parties.
The Sam and Daphne situation was a little more developed as we found out from their jaunt into the woods at the end of the party that she doesn't just know that Sam's a shape-shifter, but she's one too! Now I'm very curious about this because, yes, we saw her do it, but could this be a trick of Mary Ann's?
Could Mary Ann have some trap she's trying to lure Sam into by making Daphne a fake shape-shifter? And if she just is and always has been a shape-shifter, when is it going to become a big deal that she has those scratches on her back? It's a little curious that Sam hasn't asked her yet, but hopefully that's going to be included in the excitement that this episode seemed to be building up to.

Pro: Oh, I like this Maryann twist, her moving in. Ok, okay, color me interested. And of course Tara will let them move in because she's terrible, and Eggs is terrible and they can all be terrible together.
Pro: Maryann dressed up as the grandma, oh dear. This really made me laugh in a creepy, "Ok sure why not" kind of way. Tarahis stupid not to see through this ridiculous act. If I came home and the weird rich 40-something woman who always dressed up in beautiful dresses and jewelry was in a drab grandma dress, I would kick her the hell out immediately. At least they are attempting to make her more interesting. Let's hope this works.
mindinrewind:@ninjajazza: Yeah. Maryann has been leaving Sam alone, for the most part. And Daphne's appearance seems a bit convenient. I think that maybe a non-lethal attack by the minotaur-Maryann leads to control over that person. Just a theory. *shrugs*

MaryAnn has her own family of sorts, and more than anyone, recognizes its importance. That's why she stirs the pot in the Merlotte's Roadhouse family, and then dresses up as Gran to pull Tara back into her circle. Of note was the dark twist on the Gran's theme music they played during the MaryAnn as Gran scene, which was nicely set up with an earlier reprise of the theme played while Tara was looking at the photo. Meanwhile, MaryAnn also must have something to do with Daphne and her convenient appearance in Bon Temps to ensnare Sam.
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I was not expecting Maryann wanting to move in. It was awfully convenient that her home was all of the sudden borrowed. It’s possible that she was telling the truth, but I have my doubts. Was anyone else freaked out when Tara came home and found Maryann dressed like Gran and waiting up for her at the kitchen table reading a book? Déjà vu, anyone? She’s really screwing with Tara and we found out that Maryann can create discord as well as lust.
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Maryann and Tara's arc takes a baby step forward as Maryann moves her creepy posse into Sookie's house (!) and starts dressing like Sookie's gran (!!) in order to convince Tara that she's an honest-to-goddess mother figure. That's cool, but like many of you, I'm impatient for Maryann to stop moving the pieces into place and start playing the game already.
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morpheerimbaud: Just noticed that Maryann had watermelons. She's my heart.
andre_cohen: Vi 30 min do 2x05 de True Blood e putz como eu adoro a Maryann,melhor personagem da temporada!Vou voltar pro episódio...
LoganOfLonsdale: True Blood's 2nd season is awesome but what the hell is Maryann Forrester? A witch? A succubus? A troglodyte? Tell me - now. Please.
jodim: i feel like maryann on True Blood, about to morph into something scary. This solar eclipse business is seriously unsettling.
wildsoda: Had a nightmare about Maryann from True Blood last night. She's like the ultimate Jewish mother, but with evil magic powers.
ashleemint: Don't let Maryann's vibrating orgies fool you. True Blood's Michelle Forbes is very well-spoken!
redbrierrose: I'm really sick of Maryann on True Blood. I wish something would eat her.
jcwolfe: Hey True Blood Fans: the new creature that Maryann becomes looks like the Jamiroquai logo
evermoore: I so love True Blood. Great show. Watching episodes multiple times. Is Maryann the Devil? Some demon? Intriguing!
greek610: I'm lovin' me some Michelle Forbes, Maryann is HOT! True Blood rocks!
chadebeterraba: True Blood 2x05 : Novamente essa série me surpreendeu,de um jeito bem estranho,e to em duvida sobre quem eu gosto mais Jason ou Maryann
ChelseaCain: Michelle Forbes is reading my book HEARTSICK on tonight's episode of TRUE BLOOD. Which just about made me pee my pants.
bret2028: Loved that Michelle Forbes character on "True Blood" was reading, "Heartsick" by Chelsea Cain. Perfect!!
pf_c: Michelle Forbes should never wear the clothes she is currently wearing on True Blood. Not ever.
popwrap: How good was True Blood last night? That Maryann!!!!!
TheMrsHM: True Blood was soo good! Loved how Maryann was dressed up like gran reading in the kitchen..LMAO
Jo_Mom: A new episode of True Blood tonight! Most memorable moment - Maryann dressed as gran - OMG! Laugh out loud funny!
Kilashandra: All this drawing out of the mystery of Maryann on True Blood is driving me crazy in a delicious and captivating way!
FilmGirl007: True blood still keeps you at the edge of your seat with every episode and the biggest question, what the hell is Maryann and why
qasabutton: True Blood - I wish they'd kill off Maryann before I go to jail for doing it. The nerve, sitting there in the kitchen like Gran. Errrrrr!
DMeris: Tara showed Eggs that picture of Gran & now Maryann is sitting up in Gran's clothes w/her hair combed like Gran's!!! Trouble!!! (True Blood)
vytrinket: urrrrgh. Goddamn True Blood. damn you Tara! Get away from Maryann!
averita_: Hmmm, True Blood was good but obviously a set up for lots to go down next week. I'm
totally loving Maryann though, MF is awesome.
yor_2020: True Blood: good news for conscientious vampires, bad news for those wanting to be bitten. It's another night with the mesmerizing Maryann!
TetrisPiece: watchin True Blood. I wanna party with Maryann XD
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