Sunday, 5 July 2009

Polaris Pride

Polaris, the 23rd annual sci-fi and fantasy convention held in Toronto next weekend will have Michelle Forbes as one of the guest attendees. Over the past weekend, our very special correspondent Deb, stumbled upon a gentle reminder of the forthcoming event:

I was in Toronto, Canada Sunday June 28th, with my friend for the Gay Pride
festival. We had a great time despite the rain before the parade. We had lunch
afterwards and walked down the gay district on Church Street. At the end of
the route is Mapleleaf Gardens. My eyes just about fell out of my head. What
am I seeing? Michelle's face! Holy cow! It was on a poster for the TCON
convention coming up in Toronto July 10th - 12th. My friend thought I was
slightly out of my mind when I took the poster down, and carefully rolled it
up and carried it around the rest of the afternoon. (Smirking to myself I
might add.) It had been a wee bit battered by the rain earlier. I did see
other posters with some of the other guests appearing that weekend. Didn't
want those one's, I had to have the Michelle one. I now have it taped to the
back of my office door. (Proudly I must say.) Yes I am going to the con that
weekend, have my ticket confirmation. I will be giving a report and photos.

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