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Durham County Will Blow Your Mind

Durham County Season 2 :: Reviews, Reactions & More

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As with the first season, the sequel to Durham County unfolds like one long bad dream. To its credit, the show's moments of violence are brief and non-gratuitous. More disturbing is the frighteningly normal depiction of suburban existence; the public parks, the grey skies and swaying trees provide the perfectly unpleasant backdrop for secrets and lies. No blue heaven here.
Dillon, who commands attention as a serious actor, is on a cold simmer as the conflicted cop and deeply unsuccessful family man; if Mike was tortured in the first season, this time around he is haunted.
The dramatic bar is raised immensely with the new character addition of Michelle Forbes as Pen Verrity, a forensic psychiatrist with her own dark secrets. Like Mike, she's recovering from tragedy: The drowning death of her young daughter. Together, they are moths drawn to the flame. Their inevitable bonding is both erotic and troubling.
None of it is easy to sit through, but rarely is the human condition laid open this stylishly. For better or worse, Durham County is as good as Canadian TV drama gets.

Durham County will make you think twice about moving to suburbia.
The award-winning and critically acclaimed Canadian crime drama returns for a second season tonight. Set amid the lonely, open spaces, cookie-cutter homes and towering power lines of the suburbs, Durham Country is one of darkest, grittiest, well-written and sophisticated shows on television at the moment.
Simply put, it's Canadian television at its finest.
Every character on the show has skeletons hidden in their closet, and they all seem bent on adding new bones to the mix. Underneath the concrete greys, mini vans and banality of the burbs, something wicked this way comes. The show offers a haunted landscape where the bodies pile up, violent instincts are unleashed and a smiling killer may live right next door.
Michelle Forbes joins the cast as forensic psychologist Penelope Verity -- a troubled women who may or may not have been responsible for the drowning death of her daughter (one of the eeriest scenes in the early season involves Verity imagining her daughter's body rising up insectlike from under her backyard pool tarp, only to crawl into her mother's arms). Sweeney, whose mistress died at Ray's hands in season one, quickly falls into an intimate, volatile relationship with the unstable woman.
In an interview recently, Dillon praised Forbes addition to the cast: "She does things because she's passionate about them . . . she loved the writing, she loved season one. She was drawn to the project."
Source: The Star Phoenix

If an actor can be judged by their choice of roles – keeping in mind that choice isn't always an option – then Michelle Forbes was bound to be a fascinating, formidable and fearless woman.
An embittered alien ensign on Star Trek: The Next Generation. A boozing medical examiner on Homicide: Life on the Street. A doctor again for a brief stay in a mental institution on the short-lived Wonderland. The ex-wife of psychiatrist Gabriel Byrne on In Treatment.
Forbes also served two terms as a White House advisor on Prison Break and 24. Then she headed back into space for a truly chilling turn as Battlestar Galactica's ruthless Admiral Helena Cain.
You want to talk multi-tasking? She can currently be seen on not one but two cable series, as the mysterious Maryann Forrester of True Blood, and now Penelope Verrity, a forensic psychiatrist with issues of her own on the second season of the Gemini Award-winning Durham County, returning to The Movie Network tonight at 9.
Like I said: Fascinating, formidable, fearless ... one thing I did not expect was "flustered."
"Am I late?" (She isn't.) "Sorry, I'm totally out of it today."
Blame the long, late-night shoots for True Blood. And the fact that Forbes hasn't had a week off in well over a year. We're only getting this rare chance to chat because she happened to be in town for a science-fiction convention.
Yet another brave and remarkable thing about Forbes – she has somehow managed to thrive in and transcend three of TV's most formulaic and traditionally male-dominated genres: science-fiction, police procedural and medical drama. Such a strong sci-fi association has alone been known to kill lesser careers.
Source: The Toronto Star

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* theMediaChick: @Flashpoint_TV Wow. That 'little show' was incredible! Even more intense than S1 is right. Am in awe. Durham County is my drug of choice.
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* meladramatic: Durham County will blow your mind. My mind is blown. Holy Shit.
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