Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Durham County - Powerful And Tender

Michelle Forbes in recent interviews:

"I think one of the reasons I gravitate to these interesting characters, these women who tend to do very bad things for very good reasons ... it's not one dimensional, it's not a cliché, it gives you the room to get in there and dig deeper and find the heart of what does make people do these things.
"I always want to be out of my comfort zone. I have a propensity to get bored very easily."
"Penn Verrity, when we meet her, has lost her daughter to a drowning death and is going through a bitter divorce and custody battle with her husband over their son. It all triggers a downward spiral ... she's bleeding out, basically, psychologically and emotionally..."
"Look, I am a workaholic, no doubt. I know I need some sort of vacation. My garden is a mess. I'd like to see my friends. But I know I'd get about a week into it and I'd start to, you know, lose my mind."
Source: thestar.com

“[Creator] Laurie Finstad Knizhnik has created this world where people do very strange things,” says the Austin-born Forbes, her own character damaged as a result of a daughter who drowned, a husband who thinks she’s to blame, and a son who’s deathly afraid of the water as a result. “These are desperate people, and they are fleeing from their own terror. Pen is quickly unravelling, and has moments of lucidity, where she knows what she is doing, but she knows she is losing control.”
Monday’s return episode, “Little Lost Children,” ends with one such moment which caused me to shout “No WAY!” at the twist wrought courtesy of Pen.
“It was pretty shocking to read that scene in the script,” says Forbes with a laugh. “Laurie’s writing is blunt, emotional, brave, powerful and tender. She’s never sentimental and never goes for the cliché, thank God.”
Source: sympatico.msn.ca

“Interestingly enough, True Blood is the light thing!” said Forbes, laughing hard. “I think True Blood saved my life after Durham County.”
“I would say that probably I’m just an actor who’s not afraid — I willingly go to those dark places, I’m curious about those dark places, just as a human being [...] Also, I wouldn’t consider myself a vain actor, so I’m willing to go there at all costs.
I’m always looking for something that is going to fill up every part of you. What’s the point of being story-tellers otherwise?”
“I have done a lot of things where I wasn’t creepy, I promise! It’s just not the ones with the big audience!”
Source: edmontonsun.com

Yesterday Deb took these photos near Toronto -
"I cruised around in my car and took some pictures. It's really creepy! The electric towers you see in the logo, they are everywhere! They come from a nuclear power plant that's on Lake Ontario..."

The second season of Durham County kicks off tonight.

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