Sunday, 26 July 2009

True Blood at Comic Con

Cast portrait by Entertainment Weekly

The True Blood panel played to a packed crowd at San Diego Comic Con last night. I was able to watch most of the live footage and also follow the proceedings on twitter. The atmosphere in the room ws simply ecstatic. Take a look at the videos below:

Michelle received two questions:

A source of a lot of the action that's coming up is Maryann...We've seen you portray very powerful women, and again in True Blood, a very powerful woman. Why do you think this genre lends itself to female characters who are this powerful?

I think this genre gives a lot of freedom to see things that could be possible in the future, and that is within...with Mary MacDonnell I spoke a lot about this on Battlestar. She's a goddess, by the way. And I think that, it takes a lot of cliches out of our minds and gives us a level of freedom in our thought. And I think it's just a very forgiving genre, especially on this show, it can be so heightened in one sense, but you know the beautiful thing is that Alan and our writers are so grounded in emotions, and I think we're seeing an entirely new love for these different genres.

Michelle's response is very timely and relevant especially with regard to Battlestar Galactica and TB having been robbed when it came to the Emmy nominations. The reason for this is evidently the fact that they belong to the fantasy. At the same time, as Michelle was saying, it is this genre which provides female characters, that overturn our preconceptions of female stereotypes. Furthermore both shows cannot be 'boxed' into a single genre. Battlestar, for example, is very timely, and relevant, questioning issues of justice, politics, and so on that affect us today.

On what drew her to the role, Michelle replied: "When somebody offers you a role when you're standing in the middle of the road naked with a pig You don't say no."

With Michael Aussiello and Deborah Ann Woll (Jessica - my favourite vampire).

At the signing: