Durham County

Durham County is a Canadian television drama series produced by Back Alley Films and Muse Entertainment.
Season 1 (6 one-hour episodes) premiered in Canada in May 2007, Season 2 in July 2009. The series aired in over 100 territories worldwide. Season 3 is set to premier in October 2010 in Canada.

Season One
"They say there's only six degrees of separation between you and anyone else in the world, but sometimes it's not even that. Sometimes the most brutal evil you can imagine is already in your world. Sometimes he's just across the street. Durham County is an emotionally powerful six one hour dramatic series that revolves around Detective Mike Sweeney and his family as he hunts a serial killer he's certain is the guy across the street. You'd be hard-pressed to tell the difference between the cop and the killer or between them and you. They have a shared history, one that goes all the way back to high school. You think you can leave your past behind. But you can't..." (Janis Lundman)

Season Two
Love Hurts. More Betrayal and terrifying secrets are unleashed as Durham County returns for another electrifying season. In Season Two, newly promoted homicide detective Mike Sweeney (Hugh Dillon) struggles to keep his family together as they try to come to terms with the anguish left behind by a serial killer. He also develops an intense bond with a brilliant but deeply troubled forensic psychiatrist named Pen Verrity, (Michelle Forbes) who works in his department.

Season Three
"In the heart-stopping third season of Durham, Mike Sweeney’s new task force investigates the brutal murder of two young boys along the 401 highway corridor, while one of their own officers struggles to bury a dangerous secret."

Durham County Movie
"Season 3 is the final chapter in the series franchise. However, Durham County - The Movie is in development to be shot next year!" Mitchell & Lundman

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Durham County S2 Cast and Crew
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Creator/Writer: Laurie Finstad Knizhnik
Producer: Janis Lundman
Producer/Director: Adrienne Mitchell
Cinematographer: Éric Cayla
Production Designer: Donna Noonan
Picture Editing: Teresa De Luca
Costume Designer: Janet Campbell
Still Photographer: Jan Thijs

Mike (Hugh Dillon), Pen (Michelle Forbes), Sadie (Laurence Leboeuf), Ray jr (Greyston Holt), Mark (Alex Cardillo), Jonathan (Geordi Johnson), Maddie (Cicely Austin), Audrey (Hélène Joy), Roxy (Claudia Ferri), Tom (Patrick Labbé), Glenn (Mike Dopud), Ray (Romano Orzari)

* Season One: Several Gemini's, Directors Guild of Canada, Leo Awards, Writers Guild of Canada
* Season Two (as of 27 Sept 2010):
Won: Golden Nymph Monte-Carlo TV Festival - Michelle Forbes
Nominated: Monte-Carlo TV Festival, Hugh Dillon, Janis Lundman Adrienne Mitchell Laurie Finstad Knizhnik Michael Prupas
* Winners Directors Guild of Canada Awards 2010: Adrienne Mitchell Best Direction for ' Little Lost Children'; Donna Noonan Best Production Design for 'Little Lost Children'
Won: Platinum Remi Award - WorldFest Houston
Nominations: Leo Awards and 7 Gemini Nominations

Durham County is set amidst the landscape of new suburban developments. The mis-en-scene conveys a palpable sense of alienation, being cut off from the rest of the world with shiny new hydro towers looming in the sky. Everything is without history, and homogeneity pervades the neighborhoods.

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