Friday, 29 May 2009

Aphrodisiac? Fairy?

First 4 episodes: "Incessant orgies powdered with Maryann's (Michelle Forbes) aphrodisiac fairy dust. "(Randy)

Aphrodisiac? FAIRY? If more spoilers of this kind will keep coming in, I might be tempted to become a True Blood fan ;-) Can I join team Maryann?

And to bore you all a little bit, here is a painting of the Maenads' dance in Greek mythology:

true blood maenad

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Dance, True Blood. Dance.

Who would have expected this, remembering what was said last year, when Michelle Forbes attended the premiere of True Blood:

michelle forbes

"I love how much humor there is, it's so innocent and violent and creepy ..."
(Someone please correct me, if I got this wrong, please?)

Thanks to Deb for sending the HBO red carpet video.

P.S.:::: And a screen cap from one of the many promo videos. Thanks, Mandala, you rock !!

maryann tara

Monday, 25 May 2009

A Force to be Reckoned With

michelle forbes

michelle forbes

michelle forbes

I'm Chris. On the Global Frequency.

A Taste of True Blood and Maryann

An HBO True Blood Special is now airing every day, leading up to the Premiere of Season 2, on 14th June. True Blood's writer Alan Ball recaps the first season and talks in some detail about the characters, including Maryann (played by Michelle) - now a recurring character in Season 2.
Alan comments on Maryann's apperance around the 15 min mark:
Maryann Forrester is a very interesting person...[and Tara's encounter with her has opened] up the door to a whole new world of weirdness.

Around the 26 min mark, Ball has this to say:
Maryann is something that I've never really seen before. She's a force to be reckoned with, and she's got some things she wants from this town, and none of them are good.

Part of the fun of Season 2 is the slowly unravelling "What Maryann is?", "What she wants?,and "How she goes about putting all that into motion?"

Keep on watching for a glimpse of a new scene with Maryann from the upcoming season towards the end.
All I can tell you is that it's very surprising.

Well, it sure looks like it!

I'm Randy. And you are on the Global Frequency.

Sunday, 24 May 2009

Message to early blog visitors

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iHelix :)

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True Blood Season 2: Sneak Peek Promo

Yet another HBO trailer for the second season of True Blood has been released:

"What is it with you and Maryann?"

Screen caps of Maryann:

michelle forbes

michelle forbes

michelle forbes

Thursday, 21 May 2009

Michelle Coming to Polaris Convention Toronto

"Michelle Forbes (Ensign Ro of TNG, BSG, Lost, True Blood) is coming to Polaris!" July 10-12, 2009"

Source: TCONtweets

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Durham County Season 2 - New Promo Picture

A new promo picture has just arrived. Michelle Forbes as Pen Verrity:

michelle forbes

(Click to enlarge)

Thanks for letting me know and sending the photo!

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

True Blood's Maryann in Season 2 - The Mystery Continues

Maryann to Tara in Season one: I'm a lot of things.
Michelle Forbes in an interview: I am a maenad. (Oops, that would explain a lot, Michelle F. is not Michelle F. but a maenad, always was.)
The IMDb (Internet Movie Database) thinks Michelle Forbes plays Maryann Forrester.
In the books she is also called Callisto. But there is no Maryann, I have been told.
Some people believe that she is a mysterious creature, a minotaur.
On the HBO promo videos we can see her: throwing a party, dancing, teasing Sam, whispering to Tara, perhaps scratching Sookie.

michelle forbes

michelle forbes

michelle forbes

michelle forbes

While in an episode of season one she showed up as a freaky pig lady, we are still waiting to see a promo for her hog.

Question on the HBO TB forums:
What else and who else would you like to see featured?

Maryann's Hog!
What's his name? Could it be Mountain Oyster?
Or is he servant Karl in shifter disguise?
Is he an orgy attendee and if soooo...
Will Tara have "bacon" with her "Eggs"
Did he go "hog-wild" (not half-cocked, that's for her rooster) and father a litter of octohoggies?
Will he squeal her out?
Two words: Swine Flu?
So many questions and no Piggy Promo!!!

A Piggy fan group anyone?

Monday, 18 May 2009

Maryann's Solo - True Blood Promo

Randy's message on a forum: "Maryann's promo spot has just found its way onto youtube:

See, Randy, we could trust our instincts. Michelle Forbes 'macht es schon'. (what's that in English?) They are back to quality. :-)

Saturday, 16 May 2009

True Blood: It hurts so good

tb poster

true blood promo

Thursday, 14 May 2009

Durham County - Season 2

Durham County Season 2 - An official trailer will be out soon.

Michelle Forbes - Hugh Dillon - Hélène Joy - Laurence Leboeuf - Greyston Holt

The second season of Durham County premieres July 13, 2009 on The Movie Network (Eastern Canada) and Movie Central ( Western Canada )

durham county

durham county

durham county

durham county

I'm dying to see this season.

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Ciao Kate - In Treatment Episode 25

Einen kurzen Augenblick hatte ich befürchtet, sie würden in Episode 25 von 'In Treatment' die Figur Kate (Michelle Forbes) kompromittieren. Aber dann ging es gut aus. Bye Kate, mit einem lachenden und einem weinenden Auge - weil wir sie wohl kaum noch wiedersehen werden.
Die zweite Staffel von 'In Treatment' ist anders. Die intime, intensive Kammerspiel-Form wurde aufgeweicht. Es gibt einige fast Soap-Opera-artige Elemente. Mein Interesse an den Charakteren ist nicht sehr groß, selbst Gina ist irgendwie nicht mehr dieselbe. Die therapeutische Glaubwürdigkeit bzw. der Realitätsbezug leidet auch sehr. Ich könnte mir vorstellen, dass man mit dieser Glättung und Verflachung mehr Zuschauer erreichen will.

Hier zum Abschied einige Screencaps (mehr im Picasa-Album, einfach auf ein Bild klicken):

michelle forbes

michelle forbes

michelle forbes

(Click to enlarge)

Monday, 4 May 2009

Michelle@ Grand Slam Sci-Fi Convention

Some pictures of Michelle Forbes at the Grand Slam convention, Friday 1 May 2009 in L.A.:

michelle forbes

michelle forbes

michelle forbes

michelle forbes

michelle forbes

michelle forbes

michelle forbes

(Click to enlarge)

Credit goes to Sephiroth144

Sunday, 3 May 2009

The Buzz - True Blood On The Set

True Blood in production. Meet the actors and the creative team:


michelle forbes

michelle forbes

michelle forbes

Saturday, 2 May 2009