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Sex, Secrets and Claws

True Blood Episode 2x04 :: Reviews - Reactions - Recaps

Je la trouve terrifiante, mais en même temps, j'apprécie l'aise du personnage que rien ne dérange, qui a l'air d'y croire à fond et qui claque belles robes, bijoux de ouf et coiffures sculpturales. Chaque fois qu'on la voit, je zyeute avec passion ses tenues. Et plus ça va, plus c'est du délire.
Son look de prêtresse antique à la fiesta de Tara était... extraordinaire. Et ça ne doit pas être simple d'avoir l'air à l'aise là-dedans, mais Michelle Forbes, pourtant pas de la première jeunesse, l'assume avec une classe et un aplomb qui ferait sans doute pâlir d'envie bien des starlettes.
J'en profite pour clamer un amour absolu à Michelle Forbes, qui enchaîne grand rôle sur grand rôle, son passage dans In Treatment bouffant dans ses scènes même un grand acteur comme Gabriel Byrne. La folie aussi de voir la palette de son jeu entre Cain, femme de psy malheureuse et cette divinité évaporée et cruelle pour ne parler que des plus récents.
Et cette voix... *amour**papillons**arc-en-ciel*

(I find her terrifying but at the same time, I appreciate the ease of the character who isn't bothered by anything, and who has an air of utter believability, and who shows off her beautiful clothes, fantastic jewellery and sculptured hairstyles. Every time she appears, I observe her endeavours with a passion. And the farther they go, the better. Her look of an ancient priestess at Tara's party was...extraordinary. And it does not have to be easy to look like being at such ease in there, but Michelle Forbes, ever since her younger years, moves from one strong role to another, with such aplomb that it would make jealous any starlet. I'm taking the chance to declare absolute love for Michelle Forbes, who enchants in one powerful role after another. Her scenes at In Treatment are as heavy as those of Gabriel Byrne. It would be foolish to miss this role in contrast to Cain: the wife of an unhappy psychoanalyst and this evaporated and cruel divinity who has recently not been much talked about.
And this, butterflies, rainbow.


Warning: MAJOR spoilers below.

»» Maryann/Sam Screencaps - Not An Alpha

Welcome to our Top Moments, Boys of Summer edition.
5. Best Reveal: Guess what, guys? True Blood's Maryann has claws! And the head of a bull sometimes! And she's making everyone in town crazy with her sexy dancing and orgies of food, wine, sex and violence. Also: As played by Michelle Forbes, she's awesome.

* dreamnasium: if there is an actor who is the kiss of death for a show, Michelle Forbes must be the kiss of life.
* FatboyRoberts: Ah, True Blood. You trashy bit of genius. One of these days Michelle Forbes is going to play a nice girl.
* DarksideHalo: I may have had too much caffeine. I'm vibrating like Maryann Forrester (Michelle Forbes) on True Blood. Sadly, sans black-eyed–orgy powers.
* hidim: True Blood sen nasıl bir dizisin... Bu kadar gizem yeter ulan, daha fazla gizem istemiyoruz ama siz illa bastırıyorsunuz... Maryann forever.
Note by chris: I don't understand a word of the above, but it sounds nice ;-)
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Michelle goes on to explain that in her opinion, Maryann is not evil–just very different–that she does not even have evil intentions (it’s been disclosed by True Blood that the bull-headed thing with the claws killed Miss Jeanette). I find this fascinating because if Maryann were judged in the real world she would be a murderess and probably lots of other bad things, too. But Michelle does not judge her character and I’ve heard the same from other veteran actors when they take on a role. Since they inhabit the character–almost become it, they can’t exactly go around hating that character in order to portray him or her effectively. So the actor finds a way to justify the character’s intentions [...]

* I like her. I think Michelle Forbes does a fine job at making Maryann charming yet sinister.
* I like the character a lot. I'm getting kind of bored with her storyline, but I think Maryann herself is great. I've like Michelle Forbes since she played Admiral Cain on Battlestar Galactica.
* I assume we're not supposed to like Maryann, which is good for me, since I don't. The casting was great, and I like a lot of what the character has brought to the show. I just think they're being too slow with her reveal.
* It's been dragging on for far to long. I'm bored of her, Eggs & Tara(with those two). I don't even care what she is anymore because knowing she's a Maenad isn't going to change the fact that she's dull. I want Vamps! Vamps, Vamps, Vamps! *temper tantrum* No more Maryann!
* The more I think on this, the more I realize she's my favorite character too. I'm eagerly anticipating the climax of this season when the main characters finally face her for what she is.
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The earth and the roots of the tree give birth to the claws, the claws of the most dangerous creature on TB, a female demon/monster - whatever. I can't remember that I ever saw a more absurd, abstruse and dumb re-interpretion of the symbol Mother Earth. Even the most conservative people in human history stick with the principle: mother earth = mother nature = the giver and sustainer of life.
Well, the TB writers and producers apparantly have a lot of fun to introduce their audience to a new meaning: mother earth is the origin and source of violence, brutal murder, diabolic and evil under the sun - and it is feminine.
Congratulation, Mr. Ball. Thank you for enlighten us.
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Note by chris: the 'chris' above is not me = chris from this blog ;-) it's an anon chris, email-quote. I've one thing in common with that chris. In the future I'll be avoiding all Alan-Ball-produced/written/directed stuff ;-)

Also at the party is Sam, who gets hot and heavy with new waitress Daphne. But things get as complicated as Denise Richards' life when Daphne reveals that she knows all about his morphing ability. It seems like every week, Daphne gets more and more interesting.
Speaking of interesting revelations, Maryann is outside working her mojo by digging into the dirt and summoning the orgy gods, which cause everyone at the party to have sex, eat dirt and fight. Maryann does her little shake, rattle and roll until her arms turn into monster hands. Monster hands with three giant claws just like the ones of the half bull that attacked Sookie, killed Miss Jeanette, and clawed Daphne. So I guess she's the killer. Or is she? I'm guessing True Blood is way too smart to make things that easy.

As with all of Maryann's parties, she does some chanting and some vibrating, which the party goers (especially Tara and Eggs) seem to enjoy, all up until the point where things start to get just a little bit out of control...which is when Maryann reveals her creepy claws. I want to know more! Enough with the slow burn on this storyline, Alan Ball!

When Sam insists that he’s going to make sure Maryann doesn’t hurt his friends, she taunts him: “Even when they dump you, or choose a dead man over you? You’re really not an alpha, are you?”
Just when we think it’s the same old thing — dancing, groping, fighting, dirt-eating, everyone smearing their faces with cake, Maryann quaking — Maryann transforms into the clawed beast.

Later Tara tells Mary Ann of her plans to move in with Sookie immediately. Mary Ann is clearly shaken but acts cool, although she does give herself away a bit when her eyes get that I-am-a-mutant-pig-monster look and she says, "I'm sure you'd do the same for me," to Tara when Tara thanks her for her hospitality.
Maybe someone should obliterate Mary Ann, who is busy putting a master plan in effect at Sookie's house in the form of what turns into an incredibly bizarre birthday party for Tara. She invites a bunch of weirdo town folk, throws away the present that Tara's pathetic old mom gives to Sam to bring to the party and sashays her way into the woods where she pulses like an industrial blender until the party is whipped into an obscene froth worthy of Nero. Everyone's eyes turn black, they smear cake and dirt all over themselves, they fight and copulate in public.
Speaking of copulation, Tara and Eggs do just that in a passionate, sweaty trance. Something tells me the result of this power coupling could be worse than Rosemary's baby.

* JM_Hutchis: Just bought the first season of First Blood. I blame Michelle Forbes' talk at Polaris. What's this about a pig?
* Hallainzil: When a TV Show plays the Michelle Forbes card, you know it means business.
* pgrtag: If you've been watching TRUE BLOOD, you can't deny that Maryann throws one heck of a party! True Blood is the talk around the office today.
* pearlbullets: how many episodes in a row will Maryann have an ecstasy party on True Blood?
* scottskramer: Last night's True Blood was pretty meh. Seemed like a lot of talking for no pay off. I'm also growing tired of Maryann character.
* ProgGrrl: Heh RT @marklisanti My fave part of True Blood is when Maryann Wang-Chungs everyone at her parties into black-eyed, gluttonous sex-zombies
* MyQueerAmerica: Just watched last nights TRUE BLOOD and am now officially terrified of MaryAnn! lol But the bitch can THROW A PARTY!
* Caligurl4ever04: watched true blood tonight.. maryann creeps me out but i think she's the bull thing that attacked sookie and apparently daphne
* 40OnTheWrist: Ok so True Blood just got real interesting this past episode. Apparently Maryann is not a Maenad. She is the bull thing that attacked Sookie
* carlyuu: true blood- is maryann aphrodite?
* loupulice: I'd let Maryann from True Blood turn my eyes black any day.
* verse7: I swear Maryann of true blood feeds of off orgasms, and orgies
* tomythomson: True Blood was awesome again. WTF is Maryann? She seems to be getting power from making people get crazy and horny
* 13smexi: true blood was really awkward tonight because Maryann is the scratcher person and was buzzing again and made everyone sexual as always
* yor_2020: Did you catch True Blood? Maryann is indeed the man-bull slasher!
* phreakoverride: @Alicesen28 lol true blood is the shit! So than maryann is that bull/human monster right?
* thermos62000: I love how Maryann on "True Blood" uses her witchcraft/power/whatever the hell it is to get Tara laid on her birthday. Very crafty.
* JJ_isHype: I think Maryann is scratchin the ish outta peoples backs. But it's True Blood so I know I'm wrong. I was wrong last season
* chr0me: Oh, True Blood. Why can't you just be the Tara, Lafayette, Eric & Maryann show? Jessica, Terry, and Pam can come hang out, too.
* missabba: so maryann is the minotaur bitch...but wtf true blood. ANSWERS PLZ.

* lyerla: Ah HA! Maryann on True Blood. I knew it, I knew it, I knew it.
* anashay: enjoyed True Blood tonight, but I wish they would just hurry up and show us what is up with MaryAnn!
* ChristieZizo: True Blood is maddingly secretive. I can't take one more of Maryann's parties without knowing what she is really doing to people!!!!!!!
* nsalad: Wow - #True Blood is THE show for having best cliffhangers - I'm going nuts. Maryann totally freaking me out.
* heHarried: I'm gonna need Maryann to throw me a party & I don't care about what kinda crazy voodoo demon thing she has goin on True Blood
* ChrisJakob: Maryann on True Blood still creeps me out. When is her secret coming out? I mean, come on, the chick vibrates
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