Monday, 27 July 2009

Team Maryann, Unite and Take Over!

True Blood Episode 02x06 Hard-Hearted Hannah :: Reviews - Reactions - Recaps

Before we enter the complicated world of one Verrity on Durham County, an hour of high-calibre entertainment is in store for us tonight in the form of True Blood. According to BonTempsGossip yet another party awaits us: If you thought the last party was sweet..

The synopsis:

Sookie embarks on a dangerous mission to locate missing vampire sheriff Godric. Bill, in the meantime, is shocked when a vampire from his distant, more violent past resurfaces in Dallas. In Bon Temps, Daphne presses Sam to get comfortable in his own skin. Meanwhile, Hoyt continues his unlikely courtship of Jessica, and Jason faces difficult emotional and physical choices at the Light of Day camp. The episode directed by Michael Lehmann will also see Tara and Eggs taking a detour while on a road trip and Andy interrogating Lafayette about his disappearance.


I don't know how about you but I really enjoyed last night's episode. It had plenty, and I mean plenty of entertainment. I even wished I could have added my djembe-drumming skills to the fiesta. At long last the cliffhanger rested on Maryann's shoulders.

Disturbing. Sexy. Gross. Creepy. Mysterious. Musical. Scary. Funny. How a show can pack so much into one hour is beyond me.
If Maryann's so all-powerful, why doesn't she use her spells to fix the hot water heater? Just sayin'.
TV Squad

Finally the Maryann storyline is blasting into full gear.
Buddy TV

Spoilers Below

Uh-oh, the water heater is broken at Chez Stackhouse, and Maryann is kind of cranky because both her shower and her coffee are cold. It was a strange to see Michelle Forbes playing Maryann for cheap laughs; it wasn't my favorite color of this character.
TV Guide

The mystery deepens with Eggs. Was he part of some ritual sacrifice? Did Maryann make him forget? As he finds out the truth, will his allegiance to Maryann falter? We now know that Daphne is the pig and has been working for Maryann. What is their game with Sam? The creature has come back into the story as Maryann donned the mask of a bull. Is this creature part of the ritual? Kind of tired of the orgy scenes. Hopefully, the show will get to the point.
True Blood Blog

When [Daphne] lures Sam into Maryann's latest orgy---which is so powerful that even Eggs and Tara are in the black-eyed sex club---she gives new life to the season's most repetitive plot device. Now it's not just fornication: It's fornication and the horrifying sacrifice of a major character. I can't quite call this the Sucker Punch, though, because we've known Maryann was up to something awful for weeks.
The Huffington Post

I’m talking about [...] Maryann’s wildest whipped-up orgy yet, which included Tara and Eggs going at it like rabbits, but rabbits with dead-ghoul eyes. Yes, the danger is becoming more harrowing with each week, so that now one of True Blood’s pleasures is its churning suspense, so far kept under an artistic control that’s so confident on the part of Alan Ball and his directors that it hasn’t gone over the top.
But the core dangers were cliffhanger doozies. Sam is at once horrified and trapped in Maryann’s Dionysian freak-out.

papiinmiamifl: I don't care what nobody says ... Maryann rocks on "True Blood" ... Michelle Forbes is beautiful and plays one bad bitch ...
KatkaTarasova: I wish I could make my avatar photo on here vibrate like Maryann on True Blood. Everyone who looked at my picture would start having sex.
TheMediaChick: Randomly watched an episode of True Blood while doing something else last night. It was...odd. Michelle Forbes does sinister so well.