Sunday, 22 February 2009

"How have you all seen it?" Michelle Forbes Interview by SFX

From an interview (in the UK in December 2008, SFX Magazine):

  • "It [True Blood] was definitely fun to film. I shot three episodes fairly quickly before leaving for Montreal to do Durham County and soon I start True Blood again so it's all a bit of a blur. I was in the last three episodes of the first season of True Blood before coming on as a regular in the second season. You know, it's not broadcast yet in the UK but it seems like everybody's seen it! [Laughs] I'm so sorry, but how have you all seen it? I don't understand… oh right… shame on you! [Laughs]. In True Blood I play a character named Maryann. I have a lot of backstory, and I have a very odd butler and a strange best friend - and you know I can't say too much because apparently some man in a black cloak comes out and puts a gun to your head - I had to sign all these papers [laughs]. Much more will be revealed in the second season."

How have we all seen it? How will we continue to watch Wonderland? How do we watch In Treatment and the first season of Durham County ? Hm.
We've got a computer. And internet access. And some video codecs installed (xvid/divx). And we do have some basic searching skills, as in 'michelle forbes wonderland episode 6' or 'durham county season 1' or more sophisticated: ' "in treatment" s01e30 xvid '. Furthermore - because watching videos on a pc screen can be boring - we've got cheap standalone DVD players (30 euro) which play them all, mine even has a USB port, so I just pop in the 4GB USB stick (with the xvid-video on it).
And as long as the big media companies don't get their shit together understanding that there is ONE world, and films and TV are not only part of an entertainment 'industry' but culture and nobody should be excluded from this culture ::: people will continue creating their own Toronto TV **. Or is it my European view on things where quality TV is free and ad-free? And yes, actors and writers and directors are well paid, there is a business model for it. Technically it would be very easy, it's all there, since years.

And in the meantime a French viewer for example (without access to US TV) obviously using Toronto TV can write about Michelle Forbes:

  • "Personnellement, plus je la vois et plus je l'admire. Depuis que je l'ai vu dans In Treatment, je suis tombé sous le charme. Une excellent actrice, vraiment très charismatique et imposante. J'ai hâte que les saisons 02 de Durham County et In Treatment commencent pour pouvoir la voir."