Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Global Frequency To Be Adapted (Again)

"Warren Ellis' "Global Frequency" is making another run at the small screen, as The CW Network is allegedly trying to adapt the comic book series once again.
According to Production Weekly's Twitter feed, a second adaptation of "Global Frequency" is in the works courtesy of The CW and writer Scott Nimerfro. The news was further touched upon by Ellis himself, who wrote on his personal website that he hadn't "been cleared to comment yet" by the network.
"Shouldn't say any more until I get the nod from the studio," said Ellis. "But yes."
For some context, "Global Frequency" was previously attempted as a television series for The WB Network — the initial form of The CW — back in 2005. The project went as far as the pilot phase, with "True Blood" and "Battlestar Galactica" actress Michelle Forbes assuming the role of Miranda Zero, the leader of the Global Frequency, an organization of roughly 1,001 people with specialized skill sets that are used to resolve top secret crises. The pilot never made it to the network, despite support from fans that managed to watch a leaked version online.
After "Global Frequency" made our recent list of five Warren Ellis comics we want to see adapted, the CW will now give the series a second chance with Nimerfro working on the script — and Ellis said that he's already spoken with the writer about the project.
"I've spoken briefly to Scott Nimerfro — by which I mean I threatened to have him stabbed, and he thanked me and told me a funny story about how he's had worse threats — and he is Okay," Ellis described.
The writer also spoke towards John Rogers, the creative force behind the initial "Global Frequency" attempt. Rogers seemingly won't be involved in the new pilot due to his own TNT television series "Leverage," though he apparently "wishes [Ellis] luck."

* topbit: Global Frequency 2nd attempt: Hell yes. And with Michelle Forbes? Double hell-yes!!
* planetclark: Awesome! Call Michelle Forbes! RT @warrenellis: RT @prodweek: "The CW will again try to adapt Warren Ellis' comic book "Global Frequency"
*notlikecalvin: I declare myself Officially Uncaring about a new Global Frequency series unless Michelle Forbes is cast as Miranda Zero again. So there.
* mizzelle: @johannadc I hope they get Michelle Forbes back as Miranda Zero. She was perfect.
* warrenellis: @rfrancis I love Michelle, and would pay real money to just have her reading on TV for an hour a week.
* rfrancis: @warrenellis I know you couldn't possibly comment. But I'm just sayin, I want the one with Michelle Forbes. Or any one with Michelle Forbes.
* SpeedForceOrg: The real question is, can they still get Michelle Forbes to play Miranda Zero?
* catvincent: Previous via @warrenellis - Guess enough water has gone under the bridge. Can't imagine anyone but Michelle Forbes as Miranda Zero though
* chr0me: The *only* question is will Michelle Forbes be cast as Miranda Zero again? #globalfrequency