Saturday, 29 May 2010

Collectormania Milton Keynes

Collectormania, Milton Keynes (UK). Three days signing & photo shoots.

Today at the Stadium:MK:

Update :: tomorrow, Sunday:

Sunday fan reactions (blogs, forums, twitter):

* No question, Michelle made my day and was the friendliest guest! She was amazing. Just a short conversation but when I said "I'm so glad you came over" she said "I'm so glad you came."
* Oh I loved Michelle, she was so friendly and I got talking to her about her role in True Blood and how much sexy dancing she had to do XD We had a laugh about that.
* i was very happy how close she allowed me in the photo shoot, she is gorgeous, lovely person
* I was keen to meet Michelle Forbes as a big fan of TV show Homicide Life on the Street and she was amused when I told her my friends and I thought she was really hot when we watched it back in the 90's, thankfully I managed to add she still looked great. She semed so friendly and her photoshoot was great ( her hands were so warm it was like a radiator on my shoulder ).
* she looked as always stunning, and she was very friendly and polite, smily, Im even thinking of a repeat visit ;-)
* her laugh is SO amazing. She's just so amazing. She really took time to talk to us. She thought we were CRAZY for coming all the way from Amsterdam just for her. And when we took a picture with her she told us to 'relax! youre not at the dentist!' I'll post a full update (incl pic) when I get back... Right now... Im just.. SO...IN...LOVE
* Woah michelle forbes actually came to me to give me a hug!!!! And then she asked me if I was having a good time and OMG I love her!!!
* Michelle Forbes was lovely! She told me the best things are small a la Audrey Hepburn b/c she towered over me in the photo. Lol!
* Met michelle forbes at collectormania: milton keynes and oh my god. Not only was she stunning but one of the friendliest, nicest people ever
* And Michelle Forbes was gorgeous and sooo tall!!
* Ohmyohmy! Michelle Forbes is one of the nicest, sweetest celebs I've ever met.
* One of the best moments of today. Chaske Spencer walking past Michelle Forbes and fangirling "Omg she's here? She's AWESOME!"
* She is indeed absolutely gorgeous. And so nice and friendly that I can't even hate her for it, dammit. If you get the chance to see her, go do it.
* I'm now a huge fan of Michelle Forbes. She's lovely ! <3
* michelle was lovely, gorgeous, polite and smily

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* My god, was she amazing!!! Just so friendly and warm.
* Michelle Forbes is one of the nicest, funniest & most intelligent actors I've ever met. Great job doing creepy on TB
* I also thought Michelle was awesome! When I went to get my autograph she noticed that I was wearing short sleeves and said, "You must be freezing" and she rubbed my arms to help me get warm ... Shortly after, during her photoshoot she saw me and said "have you warmed up yet?" ... Definitely my favourite guest of the day.
* Michelle Forbes - gorgeous, very friendly and welcoming in the photo shoot, and still friendly (if frazzled!) when I went to get her autograph (she'd done several hundred by then).

Update :: Monday@MK:
Signing from 10 am - ~ 5 pm, signing zone D - 12
Photo shoots, booth A: 12:05 - 12:35

P.S.: Ekström sends survival kit to Michelle:

* FYI, Michelle Forbes is utterly GORGEOUS in RL! Photos and TV don't do her any justice.
* As for Michelle, she shook my big hairy hand in her two lovely delicate ones and they were like toast! I jst could not resist and after telling her that we really enjoyed her run in TRUE BLOOD, I said that she was totally gorgeous! She thanked me and gave that 'perfect white teeth' smile of hers. What a real lady.
* Michelle Forbes. Well what can I say. Very friendly, very chatty, she shook my hand in both of hers and I suddenly felt vey warm!! Damned sexy woman.
* Michelle really made my day, being so genuinely interested and friendly. Definately the best, loved her in Star Trek and 24 now an even bigger fan.
* I know I've said this elsewhere, but she really was everything you guys have said and more! Lovely, warm, funny and just a wonderful person all round, she loved meeting everyone and was worried about everyone else being cold a pleasure all round.
*Michelle was lovely wasn't she, an amazing lady all round ::Michelle was as you say an amazing lady - looking fantastic (wish I'd look that good at that age) and really nice to talk to and said hello and smiled at us when we saw her in the morning ::Showmasters please bring her back to another show!!!!!