Saturday, 12 June 2010

Durham County DVD Edition

* The DVD cover of the Canadian S2 edition (release date July 27, 2010), as it appears on

* Adrienne Mitchell and Janis Lundman wrote on their facebook site that we'll get "some great behind the scenes interviews".
I compiled for ye'll a little teaser picture, taken from the (meanwhile taken down) extra features videos on the official web site.
I'm in fact clueless about what we might see on the DVD:

Btw, Australia has already released a S2 DVD of Durham County if I'm not mistaken.

* A short overview of S1 DVD editions in other regions: Canada, USA, France (multilanguage English and French), Australia. Germany (multi-language English and German): release date 6. August 2010.

And finally, Amazon customers about the S1 DVD:
* A brilliant piece of storytelling. This is extremely intelligent, bleak, thrilling noir, with a great deal of subtext into dynamics between men and women, and male violence toward women. The writing is exemplary, as is the cinematography and performances. ... The best piece of television storytelling I've seen since The Wire.
* It's a great crime drama that I am really surprised hasn't had any advertising on any other channel. It has great characters with depth, mystery/crime plots, along with some family drama, great sets, slightly creepy, sometimes super creepy, great acting...what can I say, I love the show. I am so thrilled to have a second season coming out...
* A "killer" series!

Update :: DVD releases Season 2:
* Canada: 27 July 2010 (NTSC,
* Europe: 20 October 2010 (PAL,
* USA: November 2010 (NTSC,