Friday, 18 March 2011

Somebody killed Admiral Cain's daughter?

Watch your back, Cylon! If it turns out that you've killed Mitch's daughter, I can't guarantee that you'll survive The Killing.

AMC is adding more content to the Killing website, an interactive game (flash only) lets you explore the room and life of Rosie Larsen. Head over to to discover Rosie's videos, her favourite song (Roses In My Side by Alanna Cherote), her social network activities, and her family photos:

(The Larsens: Michelle Forbes as Mitch, Brent Sexton as Stan, Seth Isaac Johnson as Denny, Evan Bird as Tom, Katie Findlay as Rosie)

And there's a good deal more to discover ... most notably for Forbrydelsen fans. The similarities and clues are remarkable. But shhhh, don't tell :)