Thursday, 30 April 2009

Be'Tipul - In Therapy - Original Series

It's simply amazing. Unbelievable. I've got 5 episodes and a Making-Of (22min video) of the original Israeli series Be'Tipul.

What a difference to the US-American adaptation!
* I don't understand one word of Hebrew/Ivrit - and am able to follow every single scene.
* I've heard that the dialogues are almost the same, but the Israeli actors, a different light, camera etc. create a complete different world. The characters are emotionally much closer to my world and my culture. For example, I was pretty 'irritated' in 'In Treatment' by the characters Paul and Laura, I've found them almost unwatchable. And I was not the only one who felt this way.- And both are wonderful and lovable in the Israeli series.
* Adding one small scene and dialogue can change everything. The US-version did this in episode 25, the ending.
* But the biggest surprise is, how incredibly close the character Kate to the original character Ya'el is, while the other characters are not, or less. The gestures, the body language, the facial expressions. Either Michelle Forbes knew the Israeli series very well or she is simply a genius. Or the director is a magician.

Ya'el (Kate):

Slideshow with screencaps (episode 25 and Making-of-BeTipul):

And here is a picture of Kate. Someone from found it on the HBO site:

michelle forbes

I hope we will see her one more time in Season 2 of In Treatment. One minute, two minutes? Oh, please.

"If the sign of a great actor is the ability to shift emotional gears abruptly, without losing a heartbeat --- from pain to indignation, from indignation to sarcasm, from confusion to surprising insight, or from self-anger to raging anger at others --- and to do it with such hard-slamming gestures, voice tone, and believability that the viewer is left full of breathless admiration, then Michelle Forbes did exactly what the previous poster claimed she did: steal every scene she was in ..."