Thursday, 9 April 2009

First 'In Treatment' Impressions

1. I went back to the Kate-Paul-Gina dialogue (In Treatment, season 1):

"Kate: She's Tammy Kent.
Paul: WHAT?
Gina: Who's Tammy Kent?
Paul: How-how is she Tammy Kent?
Kate: You know EXACTLY what I'm talking about.
Gina: May I ask who this is?
Kate: This was a girl that Paul was in love with when we first met....
Paul: A long, long time ago.
Kate: ...well, WHATEVER, they're EXACTLY the same type....
Paul: No they're not.
Kate: ....and he....yes they are, and he made Laura out to be this fragile little girl, and I'm telling you what I saw was this highly sexual woman who was wearing stilettos at ten in the morning....
Paul: I...

2. I looked up pictures of Kate, Tammy and Paul on the original Israeli series:

You can watch a streaming version of season 2 of the Israeli series (in Ivrit) incl. some flash backs.

3. Though I don't understand Ivrit I've got the impression that the characters (not the story and the plot) are quite different than the adapted US version. They look more 'real'.

4. The most gripping for me about In Treatment remains the unique and innovative aesthetics, combining the intimacy of a chamber play with the techniques of a screen drama.