Saturday, 17 July 2010

Saturday's Bits and Pieces

* A reader who wants to stay anonymous writes us:
"I'm seriously missing the quizzes and giggle postings, bring it back!"

Uh ah, yeah that was fun, wasn't it? But, you know, we're a tad understaffed atm. Randy is enjoying life in the countryside, and my skills in writing something funny are fairly limited. Did you ever try to be humorous in your third language :p
We could introduce a sort of "The five most crack-ups Or: When fangirling goes wrong". A la
Btw, I've heard that Michelle called a few of her fans 'a wonderful bunch of nutters'. How sweet is that?

* Do you remember Kalifornia? A Blu-Ray edition has been released in Europe, and is expected in the US next month. More details on the sidebar.

Apropos. It would rock my (virtual) world if you would join us and submit a Revisited article. Come on, guys and gals, it can't be that hard. Homicide - Life on the Street, anyone? Kalifornia, Alias - anything but True Trash!

* German TV will finally air the second season of Durham County, it starts on RTL Crime 8 September 2010, 8:15 pm.

* On the sidebar you can follow the few things and updates I know about the FanExpo in Canada.- I'm still knitting and customizing the new blog template. You may have noticed that we can now create static pages (up to 10), apart from the normal postings, take a look at the tabs. Nice summer job for me :) I'm broke this year, thus no travelling, why not doing something useful on this site, hehe.

Wish you all a pleasant and sunny weekend!