Wednesday, 4 August 2010

AMC Close to Picking Up The Killing to Series

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"EXCLUSIVE: I hear that AMC is close to picking up drama pilot The Killing to series, which would extend the network's perfect pilot-to-series ratio.

Based on the successful Danish series Forbrydelsen, The Killing tells the story of the murder of a young girl and the subsequent police investigation through the perspective of the detectives, the grieving family, and the suspects. It centers on Sarah (Mireille Enos), the lead homicide detective that investigates the murder. Billy Campbell, Michelle Forbes, Brent Sexton, Kristin Lehman, Eric Ladin, Jamie Anne Allman, and Joel Kinnaman co-starred in the pilot directed by Patty Jenkins and written by Veena Sud."

WOOOt :)

... I just lost a bet to Ekström. Now, I have to pay for his Kung Fu training program, he's preparing to fight alongside Circe to combat Wonder Woman.


stamos: One of the best pilots I've ever seen. Seriously.
@KateAurthur It is. Super duper amazing.
KateAurthur: I've heard this is amazing.
clairethebelle: Yay! LOVED this script, love Mireille Enos!

Added (5 August) ::

Brendan Sexton III will be playing Belko Royce, Larsen's employee.
Katie Findlay will be playing Rosie Larsen, the victim.

* Forbrydelsen II: The DVD box set went on sale today in The Netherlands. Special offer of 'De Volkskrant' :)
"Een nieuw seizoen van de bloedstollende Deense thriller The Killing is nu op dvd te koop bij de Volkskrant! Sarah Lund onderzoekt een reeks moorden en bijt zich vast in een race tegen de klok."

* At (French or German) you can find great videos, behind-the-scenes, character descriptions, interviews, wallpapers and more - of the original Forbrydelsen. Don't go there if you don't want to get spoiled.


* Michelle Forbes? I’m there. (Though she would be great as the lead in Prime Suspect, too.)
* I was wondering what was going on with The Killing. I know nothing of the original show, but if it was successful in Denmark, maybe it’ll be successful here, too. Hopefully AMC sticks to its tagline: story matters. I trust AMC at this point.
* It’ll work – in fact, with Vena twisting this tale – the deeper family voyeur perspectives that can be infused over a season, will be like crack – especially with the character dynamics that this cast is capable of. If AMC sticks with this, and the season is strong – you can’t tell me that the speculation for the season 2 plot line will be anything less than monumental. Viewers in the bank, all of whom will be sticking around even if they hate themselves in the morning. I’m in.
* AMC produces great shows – ‘Mad Men’ & ‘Breaking Bad’ are two prime examples. I anticipate they will only set the bar higher with ‘The Killing.’
‘Forbrydelsen’ has proven that following the single crime storyline is successful. I don’t think the plot is dependent upon solving the murder, but more so on the effects it has on the family and the people in the community. It’s a new crime every season, so I don’t think it will be hard to keep the audience intrigued. In fact, I think it’s more impersonal when a series has a different crime per episode. I think this format is what will make “The Killing” a stand out drama this season. - Can’t wait!