Sunday, 1 August 2010

Summer In The City

So, I have been experimenting with a poll widget for this site.

Looks good. But POLLS, really?

Ekström says hi to everybody, and wants you to know that he still hates me. Because I refuse to buy an iPad. He has to wait until the first usable Android-based and affordable tablet hits the market. Ekström can't type :(

On a related note, a recap of our talks about the future of this blog.
* Derek (location unknown) enjoys it as it is now.
* Luca (hi, Rome) doesn't care much, but is looking forward to Linux & gadget articles
* Rebecca (NL), Nicole (UK) and iHelix (NL) prefer to keep this site about Michelle and to open the blog to occasional off-topic posts
* Randy (Dublin) is dreaming of being an actor and has a vision of a Global Frequency Network
* Akima (Budapest) suggests a second blog "Aleph and the green bubble"
* Deb (Buffalo) is enjoying the summer and wouldn't mind a second blog
* Chris (Amsterdam) loves Durham County and adds bubbles to the css codebase

I wonder if we qualify as 'a bunch of nutters' as well ...

Have a great weekend. Enjoy yourself!