Saturday, 18 June 2011

Something Dark and Touching

Will you be watching The Killing season finale this Sunday?

* "So, if The Killing wraps up Rosie's murder in the season finale, will the Larsens be around next year? — Leslie
ADAM: I certainly hope so, given the strong performances by Michelle Forbes and Brent Sexton this season. And it sounds pretty likely. "The family is back in Season 2," Sexton tells us. "I'll leave it at that."

* Michelle Forbes:
Q : Anything on the second season?
A: I know nothing. I have no idea, I'm always so stymied when I'm asked that question.

* Grief comes in many different colours.
* Forbrydelsen had these insanely compelling dramatic last 4 episodes, with Pernille (=Mitch), one of her boys and Sarah teaming up. And Theis (= Stan) ....
* In AMC's adaptation the real stuff has only just begun :p Compared to Forbrydelsen they're only mid-way through.
* The killer has done it before.