Saturday, 19 September 2009

Di-Meat-Tree Fan Award 2009

Team Frak-the-Emmys is overjoyed to announce the winner of the Di-Meat-Tree Fan Award 2009: Michelle Forbes!

We were thrilled and in stitches, we were terrified and disgusted (reportedly over 400 thousands viewers became vegetarians overnight), we were screaming with delight, you freaked us out and left us speechless - but most of all, you charmed us.

Michelle, we love you, for your extraordinary, hysterically funny and powerful performance as Maryann Forrester!

But there's more. A special Marriage-Is-Evil Award to Michelle for delivering the line "My Lord. My husband."

Fan voices:

"Smokin' hot!!!"
"Maryann, I want your babies"
"She's one chic lady"
"Deliciously evil"

Presentation speech:
"Michelle Forbes has delivered a surprising performance on the small screen. In but a little time, she creeped us out of our wits with her portrayal of the enigmatic Maryann Forrester on True Blood. Now we have joined the ranks of many who squeal with fright at the mere sight of her. Alan Ball's execution of her story arc bored us to tears, and yet we were moved to death every time Maryann appeared. We relished her every scene; we devoured her, just like she effortlessly won over the hearts of others. Her victims and ourselves screamed with delight in unison! The thrilling ride on the True Blood train left us in stitches. After each episode, we found ourselves picking up our pieces. Speechless, we clung to our cosy chairs in front of the TV...or other machine. We were in fear, we were awed, lost and won over, again and again. Michelle Forbes did the impossible and brought the most outrageous character to our living rooms, and to our minds in the name of entertainment. And, boy, we were entertained!"