Wednesday, 30 September 2009

A Little Quiet

You may have noticed it's been a little quiet around mirandazero.blogspot lately. That's because we're having a break after our dedicated coverage of True Blood and Durham County in the past months. Both Randy and I are dealing with some personal challenges atm, but hopefully we'll be back soon!

Until then I'll try to give you a summary, every now and then. And I'd like to ask your forgiveness reg. my English grammar and spelling -- til Randy is back.

* In Treatment finally airs on British television. Season 1 starts on Monday 5 October on Sky Arts 1.

"Until quite recently, the HBO drama series In Treatment was being mysteriously shunned by British television, despite a trunk-load of Emmy and Golden Globe awards and nominations.
It's only now that it has found a home, with Sky Arts 1 as the surprise purchaser. So why the trepidation? Prestigious new American dramas, especially from HBO, are usually snapped up as fast as they can be produced, and this one's got a terrific cast, led by Gabriel Byrne, Blair Underwood and Dianne Wiest.
Well, I suppose there's the fact that outwardly nothing much happens in In Treatment – just two people sitting in a comfy room with subdued lighting, talking. What's more, it's a serious look at the psychoanalytical process, and we've never been particularly comfortable with head-doctoring in this country. In some ill-defined way, therapy is "foreign" – it doesn't sit well with our native stiff upper lip."

* Michelle Forbes and Gabriel Byrne at the opening night of the Irish Film Festival in L.A. (September 24):

(Click to enlarge)

* Short version of a couple of interviews the past weeks:
- Maryann is gone for good.
- Michelle had a lot of fun with True Blood.
- She's taking a little time off now.
- BAFTA interview on Youtube:

* The second season of Durham County which was expected to start October 19 on ION TV kind of 'disappeared' from the ION schedule. I'll try to keep you posted.