Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Maenad Party and Decorating Tips

1. Welcome your guests with a large thing in the front yard. Doesn't matter what it is, as long as it reeks.

2. A freshly amputated finger makes a wonderful present.

3. Nothing beats a large egg in a nest for an elegant focal point in your bedroom.

4. Nobody needs towels!!!

5. Let your guests bath in the kitchen sink as a refreshing change of pace.

6. Nothing says your meal was a success better than your guests beating each other up for dessert.

7. Get a sing-a-long started. And a one, and a two.... Lo Lo Bromio, Lo Lo Dentris, Lo Lo Ballis, Lo Lo....

8. Feel free to run around naked or play dress up.

9. Copious amounts of sex between friends, neighbors and strangers is to be encouraged.

10. The hostess gets to wear the Bull mask.

11. Human heart meat pie makes a delectable main dish for any occasion!

12. Bruises are a wonderful accessory to wear to any such event.

13. Naked fat guys are particularly welcome.

14. Find a pine tree and sodomize it ASAP.

15. Kobe beef ONLY .

Source: IMDb Clowns