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True Blood Episode 11 - Frenzy

True Blood Episode 02x11 Frenzy :: Reviews - Reactions - Recaps - Quotes

'Must I do everything myself?!' -- Maryann

"It's been a little bonkers!" Michelle Forbes, who plays a sexy "Maenad" creature named Maryann Forrester, told "I was a part of Battlestar Gallactica, so I'm used to that world. But I didn't expect it with True Blood. I thought it was a show about a sleepy little town in Louisiana."
"People are scared by me now!" Forbes said. "I've had waiters tell me, 'Oh my god, I love the show, but you really terrify me. You're not going to do anything to me, right?' But having an emotional impact is a wonderful thing."

'That 'Thing' Owes Me A Pair of Shoes.' --Pam

[...] Sophie-Ann’s explanation of how to deal with Maryann was specific, fascinating, and funny. (That Dionysus — who knew hoping for “his coming” is like waiting for Godot?)
Speaking of Maryann, she may not have had much to do this evening, but what she did was terrific: I’d hand Michelle Forbes an Emmy just for the way she delivered the line, “Must I do everything myself?!”
* When I saw the egg, the only thing I could think of was “OMG, Jason was right!- Maryanne had Daphne shift into something and lay an egg before she died.” ;D
* I thought the episode was hilarious! I LOVED when Jason pulled those two stupid comments out of his strange little mind- the “do you think sam has ever turned into a dog then had sex with a lady dog” and “do you think sam could turn into a rooster and lay an egg?” HAH.
* I have read every one of the books by Charlaine Harris and enjoyed them immensely. The TV series though… Besides being typical HBO garbage and appealing to the lowest common denominator in the American TV viewing audience, I can’t even begin to enumerate everything wrong with it. It’s crude, pointless, NOT funny trash. Too bad. But once again, HBO has turned something worthwhile into a complete pile of crap.
* Maryanne, Michelle Forbes, Now that is a real actress!!!
* Michelle Forbes was, as always, excellent–I’m not sure why this woman is doing guest stints on TV when she has the talent and looks to be a screen star.
* I think Jason explained the egg perfectly. Sam clearly turned into a chicken and laid an egg :-;
* Michelle Forbes does deserve a Emmy nod for her portrayal of MaryAnn. Evil incarnate…literally. She wished her immortality into existence BY her existence….that’s fracking deep.
* Michelle Forbes is Great ! Just Great and i happen to like Maryann and i know she going to die , but i hope they find a way to keep MF on TB bring her back as someone else and make everyone think it Maryann is back ! lol Michelle should win a Emmy !

'I haven’t had a man since the Eisenhower era' --Queen SA
'Gods only exist in people's minds like money and morality' --Queen SA
'Maeneads are such sad, silly little things.' -- Queen SA

Sophie Ann explains that a maenad is a female follower of the Greek god Dionysus. Maenad’s only goal is to get Dionysus to return to the earth by offering them a person, preferably a supernatural creature like a shape-shifter. Ultimately, maenads seek death as they want to sacrifice themselves to Dionysus.

I'm glad you've finally boarded the True Blood train, Mo! I really liked the first season, but this second season has seen the show develop into one of the best soaps on TV. Sometimes the writing is a bit clunky and obvious, but the cast is great, the plots are addictive as hell, and who's better than Michelle Forbes, really?

[Queen SA's] comments throughout the episode ranged from funny (”I haven’t enjoyed sex with men since the Eisenhower administration”) to cynical (”Never underestimate the power of blind faith”) to a combination of the mystical and the mystifying (”Everything that exists imagined itself into existence”), but the most telling of her comments came from her complete dismissal of Maryann and her actions. In short, she can’t really be bothered by this creature…or much of anything outside of her own existence, really. Looks like the holier-than-thou manner of royalty remains consistent within both the human and the vampire worlds.

‘Sometimes you need to destroy something to save it.’ That’s in the Bible. Or the Constitution.' --Jason

I think anyone angry with Alan Ball's handling of characters just needs to look at his past work to get a feel for how he chooses to portray women. They are either castrating beyotches, troubled and drug-addled teens engaging in waaay too much casual sex, or emotionally distant and cold manipulating hysterics. When it comes to men, he's a bit better at showing us what they feel and think but he celebrates their acting out violently or when they degrade the women in their lives. The dude has issues is all I can say.
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'Teacup humans.' 'Good night, tiny humans.' --Eric

* mrbenjaminlaw: Downloading the latest version of The Awesome Maryann Forrester Show. Sorry, I mean, True Blood. It's called "True Blood". Keep forgetting.
* nathanieletc: I absolutely LOVE where True Blood is going. Their expansion of Maryann way beyond the book (while otherwise pretty loyal) is awesome!
* KevlarBrown: If they don't kill Maryann in the finale True Blood and I are done. As my dad used to say, that's not a threat, it's a promise.
* Leah_HR_37: Michelle Forbes is truly the best casting decision True Blood made. Everyone else is so-so, but Forbes kicks it up a notch.
* averita_: #trueblood was also incredible. I love Michelle Forbes when she's really irritated. ("Must I do everything myself?")
* queenkandis: Michelle Forbes is freaking fantastic. Though scary as hell.
* theMediaChick: Almost forgot, it's time for True Blood. Ok, I"ll admit it. I think I've developed a girl crush on Michelle Forbes.
* zackford: I think that actress Michelle Forbes knows just how to get under my skin. I hate it, but I love that I hate it. Ro, Cain, Maryann... ugh!
* dakinegirl: Someone else I'd like to see with her own show or at least one of the major stars Michelle Forbes. She's phenomenal!
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RIP Kaaarrrl

Sam will be forced to shift into a giant chicken and sit on the egg until it hatches. A little "ALIENS" type creature will pop out of it and eat Sam and all the orgy attendees. Sigourney Weaver will make a guest appearance as Ripley and blowtorch the entire town of Bon Temps. She will be knighted by the Queen and become the new sheriff. Shall I go on???? Because I can be just as stupid as this whole Maryanne storyline is....
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