Thursday, 27 August 2009

What the Hell is Maryann?

Only two more episodes of True Blood until the finale! But the fact is that we haven't got the slightest idea about who Maryann Forrester actually is or what she is up to, and how the whole season will come to an end. Ever since Maryann's spectacular entrance last season - naked in the middle of the road, accompanied by a generously large pig - up until last Sunday's episode, we have been racking our brains about her from one week into the next. After all the storyline in question has now eased itself into the main plot. I must admit I haven't got the slightest idea what all that is actually about.

I do have some questions. I bet you do too. Well, in that case, we expect your speculations, theories, ideas, hopes and desires. Even the most absurd, the oddest and the most hilarious ones!

1) Who IS Maryann? What does she want to achieve in Bon Temps?
2) Why is she so obsessed with Sam, and only him?
3) How is True Blood going to end? With a cliffhanger? - Michelle Forbes has said in interviews that the ending was 'clever', and that she 'was shocked'. 'Shocked', really? You might think, that she has seen it all over the course of her career.
4) Will Maryann be killed, or will she just take off? Perhaps she will return in Season 3, in whatever shape or form?
5) With whom and in what form, does she have a love scene in the last episode? (see the last interview with Michelle Forbes, "In the finale, I have one of the most interesting love scenes I have ever done. I still giggle about it.")
5) To whom is the phrase 'You summoned me" addressed? (Scroll down for the 'Find the clues' video)

Maryann builds a totem pole /sacrificial altar or something like that (episode 10):

Orgy - fingers/mask (episode 7):

Bull head mask (episode 6):

Bloody feet (episode 7):

Dirty statue (episode 10):

Dionysus shadow, Theseus and leopard - book (episode 10):

Love scene with young Sam (episode 1):

Video 'Find the Clues' (HBO character site):

Another 'Find the Clues' video:

Just for fun, a screencap from the unaired first version of the TB pilot. A mysterious woman - a scene that has been cut in the final, aired pilot:

"No, Tara, they were ecstatic. All that fake civilization bullshit just fell away so they could dissolve into the infinite, so they could lose themselves and unite with their god." --Maryann

" In one scene, we see that Maryann can vibrate and will Sam to shape-shift. So why, in the flashback scene, does she vibrate when they're having sex? Was she trying to have sex with a dog?
Forbes: That is a season-revealer, so I can't say anything. That's a really important scene; people will be going back to that scene when they see the entire season."

“I turn into something very big this year and something very small as the season goes.” -- Sam Trammell

"Q: I want to know who you are going to have sex with. Are you more Eric or Bill, and what kind of drama is Queen Sophie-Ann starting?"
A: I figured that those would be the questions! Who do I have sex with? Well, I don't know if I am having sex with anyone yet, but I certainly have a steamy scene with someone that I don't think you'd really expect. So it will be a little fun." -- Evan Rachel Wood

"Yes, Maryann will be vanquished, but it won't be easy. Nelsan Ellis tells us that no one character single-handedly takes her out, but rather it's a "group effort" by all of the good guys."