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You Have Only Seen the Beginning

True Blood Episode 02x09 I Will Rise Up. :: Preview - Reviews - Reactions - Recaps - Quotes

The God who comes demands his sacrifice. - Maryann


True Blood returns to TV screens on Sunday night, for yet another explosive episode. It seems that someone will be taking matters into their own hands in a bid to unravel the recent incidents in the Louisiana town, and finally realise that none other than Maryann is doing her magic.

A wounded Eric plays Sookie for a sucker, to Bill's dismay, and ends up getting inside her head. Later, Sookie and Jason reflect on their recent adventure, and end up bonding at the feuding Newlins' expense. Blaming Eggs for Tara's bruises and bizarre behavior, Lafayette and Lettie Mae try to figure out a way to pry their kin from Maryann's clutches. Hoyt defends his relationship with Jessica to Maxine over lunch, to no avail. Jailed by Bud along with a group of Bon Temps revelers, Sam finds a novel way to escape his cell--and avoid capture by an increasingly obsessed Maryann. In Dallas, Eric and the vampires defend their recent actions to Nan Flanagan, and are shocked when Godric decides to take the fall for their PR disaster.

While in anticipation, have a look at the sneak peek below featuring Maryann, Tara (Rutina Wesley) and Eggs (Mehcad Brooks).

Also PopWrap has been chatting with Rutina Wesley about the recent and upcoming episodes, the trials and tribulations of acting under Maryann's influence, and much more. Below is an extract from the interview:

Although I've loved every moment of Dallas-set action -- Sookie taking on The Fellowship of the Sun, Bill taking on Eric, Jason taking off Sara's clothes -- for me, the second season of "True Blood" is all about the drama unfolding in Bon Temps!

Orgies! Feasts! Pigs!

Yes, Maryann rocks my world on a weekly basis, which is just one thing that Tara and I share. Actually, it's the only thing we have in common, because while I'm sitting pretty at home, jaw agape, Tara is fighting tooth and nail to save her town -- and her soul.

PW: Did [the Hunter's Soufflé] taste as bad as it looked?
Rutina: No, it didn't taste nearly as bad. It was a lot of vegetables and tomatoes and beef -- no chicken, Mehcad [Brooks] didn't want it to be too heavy on our stomachs because we didn't know how many takes we'd have to do devouring it.

PW: Tara has been the one in Bon Temps starting to put pieces together between the orgies and the blackouts and Maryann. Will she continue to do that?
Rutina: Yes and no. Tara is going to get taken in by the whole situation and lose a bit of control. Maryann is very strong right now and while a lot of us will try to get to the bottom of the problem, Maryann is standing in our way. She's a huge power and once you're under her spell, it's hard to break it. We'll see an intervention and a lot of other ways we try to save Bon Temps from Maryann.

PW: So anyone who thought they'd seen the peak of Maryann's chaos is dead wrong?
Rutina: Oh, you've only seen the beginning. It's going to get so much more chaotic. The end of this season is amazing: it's fire, it's sad, it's got so much jam-packed in there -- you guys won't know what hit you!

PW: And does it start with Sunday's episode?
Rutina: Yes, that's when it all starts to go bad. It gets violent, it gets insane. I mean, you saw Tara slapping her mother, which should tell you how far it goes! I mean, there are no limits for Maryann! She keeps going and going and going -- we're all under her spell. That leads into episode 10, which is the one I really can't wait to see! Things get really intense for Tara!
Source: The New York Post: PopWrap

But there's got to be some kind of control, or things would be...chaos. -Tara
Sounds good. - Maryann
I do like a little chaos. - Eggs
Of course you do. Everybody does. They just can't admit it. - Maryann

Meanwhile, this is yet another episode that leaves the characters in Bon Temps getting ready to do stuff instead of actually doing stuff, but at least they can't take another step without finally taking some decisive action. I mean, for God's sake, Maryann storms into Merlotte's claiming that the "coming God" demands a sacrifice. I'd say it's finally time for some capital-B butt kicking. If the throwdown is gigantic enough, then I will forgive all sorts of foot-dragging and sidetracking.

The Sucker Punch Silver Medal goes to Lafayette for busting Tara out of Sookie's house. Between the thirty-five brilliant one-liners and the do-not-touch-her punches he throws, he basically impersonates the entire cast of American Gladiators as he drags his cousin away from Maryann.
Source: The Huffington Post

Control is just a cage this stupid culture uses to block out who we really are. We need to be out of control. We crave it. - Maryann

But the bigger subplot was Maryann’s increasing power over Tara and Eggs, her striding into the jail and demanding to see Sam, and setting free the rest of the pleasure-addled citizen-prisoners. Sam escaped – he was a fly on the wall (er, table) when Maryann went to Tara’s house. Maryann has pretty much given up trying to hide her pleasure-principle powers, her let’s-party mood replaced by impatience and cruelty, as when she tried to lure Tara’s sober mom to relapse with a nice, chilled bottle of vodka.

The mixture of Christian and pagan faith, […] it was another genre-bending, mind-expanding edition of True Blood.

Why be embarassed about pleasure and laughter? Why be ashamed of letting go? - Maryann

Maryann Forrester, baker of tweaky souffles, party animal (literally) and cruise director on the ship to hell that she has made out of the bayou burg and it's inhabitants.

The second she enters the frame your attention goes right to her. She attacks the role with a ferocity and abandon that it requires and that sly smile and sideways glance just gets you.

Of course you have to chalk up a lot of the Maryann fervor to the arc Alan Ball and the writers have laid out for her and the remarkable settings in which they place her and her Maenad powers. The campfire scene? The blood rushing out of the hunter's souffle? That vibrating thing?

Huge, powerful images with her at the center and she not only hold her own but in most cases eclipses the visuals with her performance.

What about the saints of India, what about the mystics of every religion?...They'd black out, run and dance in the streets, levitate, act like monkeys running around, naked...They were ecstatic. - Maryann

Mainly, the episode is much more enjoyable because Maryann does not seem to have everything under her fingers. Sam continues to elude her with his shape shifting skills, and teams up with an unlikely ally. The ever dominant Lafayette also rescues Tara, although the efficiency of this tactic still remains to be seen. Not only is the town offering miniscule amounts of rebellion, it is only making Maryann’s reign of terror more fearsome. The most interesting moment, however, occurs when Maryann nearly breaks down while preaching her usual anarchist views. It shows that despite all the manipulation, she has true conviction when it comes to her beliefs. Like any good villain, she is simply doing what she believes to be real.

All in all, the episode continues the high quality storytelling the last few episodes of “True Blood” have given. The blend of finality and continuing tension gives the show a nice end to a chapter, but leaves more for viewers to come back to. A difficult assembly of numerous storylines makes this episode somewhat of a masterpiece.

All that fake civilisation bullshit just fell away so they could dissolve into the infinite, so they could lose themselves and unite with their God. - Maryann

I’m excited/depressed that there are three episodes left. I really can’t wait to see what happens with the Maryann subplot. She obviously has been weaving her web for some time now and has ultimate control over the population of Bon Temps, with some exceptions. But most of this has happened while Sookie and Bill have been out of town. Now that they return I assume they will get into the mix. It also looks like Jessica may have a part to play as well.

But is there a way to stop Maryann? If she’s immortal there may be nothing that can be done, right? And just who is the “the God who comes”?
Source: IF Magazine

Look at you. A few bumps and bruises. It's a small price to pay for bliss. - Maryann

Thirsting for a True Blood "V" cocktail? Something that will keep you safe from the clutches of Maryann? Or maybe connect you on a cellular level to Bill or Eric? Either way, Our Lady of Weight Loss's Louisiana Swamp "Maryann" will save your soul and deliver you from evil!

Virgin Maryann, Louisiana Creole Style
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Add juices and sauce to a shaker with ice, adding salt and pepper to taste.
Shake vigorously enough to burn calories and send a clear message to the Devil, himself, that you are not playin' his game.

Strain over ice cubes into a highball glass and add a lime wedge and both celery stalks.

Variation: Bloody Maryann
Add Vodka!

I don't know what you is, but I'm feelin' you, and you a soulless bitch. - Lafayette to Maryann
Ouch. That almost hurt. - Maryann

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Michelle Forbes rocks on True Blood!
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Lafayette keeps getting better. Why am I starting to like Maryann...she is awesome.
Maryann just gets weirder and more intriguing
I like Maryann, but she's starting to get on my nerves, which is exactly what they want! Already know it's likely she won't die.
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peoplemag: LOL! RT @ ohrohin screw #TeamBill or #TeamJason, i'm #TeamMaryann
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BSG is my buy-in to true blood. Michelle Forbes is one bad ass motherfucker, no matter what she is on.
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hey true blood fans..anyone else see similarities between Mary Ann & Sarah Palin?(stirs everyone up and watches as everything turns 2 chaos)
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