Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Durham County 2 - Boys Do Things

Another gripping episode of Durham County awaits the Canadian viewers tonight. Episode 5 of Durham County is called Boys Do Things.

For the past few weeks we have been profiling the story, the characters, the actors, and the creative team of Durham County. Now we would like to introduce the production crew to you, who would usually get a smaller share of the limelight:

Cinematographer: √Čric Cayla
Production Designer: Donna Noonan
Costume Designer: Janet Campbell
Still Photographer: Jan Thijs - »» Link to his website
Web Design: James Taylor - »» mediaflash.ca
Series Original Music: Tom Third
(Couldn't find exact credits for the composer and songs for season 2)

Since there is very little background material for the second season of DC, we provide a small article by the costume designer Janet Campbell, written in February 2008 for the Gemini Awards selection committee:
Durham County Costumes

In Durham County the visual design is as much a part of the narrative as the writing and the performances of the cast. When I began the project I was presented with the script’s broad theme of darkness lurking under the mask of small town tranquility and a compelling collection of visual images portraying bleak landscapes, decaying swamps, stark hydro towers, and industrial debris. My first approach was to take these visual themes and see how the images translated into clothing. Using current images from fashion I prepared my own layout to echo, on the human body, not only the muted palate of producer Adrienne’s Mitchell’s photos but also how she used splashes of color and various textures to give contrast and life to the tableau. The challenge was to use the surreal and foreboding thread of the narrative while having the actors look both appealing and natural in their costumes.

As the cast began to take shape I narrowed my focus down from the global design concept to that of the individual characters created by Laurie Finstad Knizhnik. While the scripts were my template, it wasn’t until I watched the audition tapes of the actors chosen that I my final concept for of the show’s central characters finally took shape. I approached the two main protagonists Mike (Hugh Dillon) and Ray (Justin Louis) and their flawed humanity by using the series’ conceptual shades of gray to emphasize that there is no clear line between good and evil in these two characters. With Hugh I was able to accentuate the intensity of his pale blue eyes and draw upon his personal edgy style by using cold colors. The cool palate was consistent with Mike’s emotional distance. In contrast Justin’s Ray wore muted earth tones to embody the volcano simmering beneath the surface. The working class ethic of this superbly vain character was translated into costume by his body hugging t-shirts and jeans. Into the sullen world inhabited by Mike and Ray I also smattered costumes in vivid green, electric blues, vibrant reds, and eerily glowing whites to further highlight the bleak landscape of Durham County.

Source: planetjanetinc.blogspot.com
Perhaps an interview from last year would be of some interest to you: TV-eh? podcast from May 11, 2008. Diane Kristine talks to the series' writer Laurie Finstad-Knizhnik and director Adrienne Mitchell about season one (first 15 minutes of the podcast).

Source: tv-eh.com

Uploaded screencaps of episode 5 »» to the gallery --chris