Saturday, 24 October 2009

Can We Start Again

Some Battlestar Galactica fans would have preferred a different story, for Laura Roslin and Helena Cain. At this point fan fiction emerges. A written text or a video.

* A Roslin-Cain fan music video:

While I usually don't read fan fiction, I like the Julianna Cox (Homicide: Life on the Street) roleplay on LiveJournal. Give it a try!

* HBO has renewed IN TREATMENT. Production on Season 3 will begin in New York in early 2010.
"HBO announced Friday that it has ordered a third season of the drama "In Treatment," which stars Gabriel Byrne as therapist Paul Weston.
A third season had been in some doubt, as Byrne has said in interviews that he finds the role (which he plays very well) quite challenging. That's understandable; his character is in almost every scene and much of his work involves reacting to and working through thorny issues with the sometimes challenging patients in his care.
The show is changing head writers again, as it has done every season so far. Anya Epstein of HBO’s “Tell Me You Love Me” and Danny Futterman (“Capote”) will take over from Season 2 showrunner Warren Leight."
Source: Maureen

* The UK audience and critics keep raving over the first season In Treatment. But the most exciting news about IT comes from France:
"Selon Hagai Levi, BeTipul, également adaptée au Portugal et en Serbie, pourrait prochainement faire aussi l'objet d'un remake français : "J'ai bon espoir pour que ça arrive, cinq producteurs différents se sont montrés intéressés, un pilote a même été tourné, réalisé par Diane Kurys, mais il est très difficile de trouver un bon diffuseur. Je pense qu'Arte serait idéal mais rien n'est fait"."
A French adaptation of IT, the pilot already shot, and the chance that ARTE, the European Culture TV channel, will broadcast. YaYYY!!

* The human body has many parts. And several senses. I think we might be able to cook up more intriguing puzzles. Which one would you like to see? And how meeeeean do you want me to be?