Saturday, 17 October 2009

Saturday Snippets

As I'm heading to Paris and won't be back before Sunday night, your weekend entertainment comes a bit early. No legs, no fun? Wrong!

* There's a beautiful interview with Gabriel Byrne about In Treatment at

Q: In Treatment has been a huge critical hit in America. Were you impressed by the script?
A: I immediately understood it was special. It was extremely intense; just me and another actor facing one another in our chairs. It's more like theatre than television and, like all the best drama, it shows people connecting on an emotional level. It's been seen as breakthrough television in the States because there's no action, no sex scenes, no car chases, no drugs or drink. It's just people with real problems talking to this man who has his own real problems.

* Let The Spirit Move Me - Maryann Fan video:

* Alternate Ending of Pegasus: Cain is in a bad mood

* Twitter excitement

David on Twitter: There's very little in the world that can't be improved by the simple addition of Michelle Forbes.
Sarah on Twitter: Michelle Forbes. HOLY MOTHER OF GOD.

Note: Sarah The Vampire Slyr seems to be a candidate for the Halifax pilgrimage. A cold shower may help too. --chris

* Your own Maryann Forrester Show

Two fan voices at
"I saw Razor for the first time yesterday and am in love with Michelle Forbes! Cain is one of the most fascinating characters from the series and I was thrilled to see more of her...
Ah, I've seen some of the first season of TB but it didn't hold my attention at all. Perhaps I'll just youtube the Maryann parts!"

Here's how. In HD quality. 1280x720p.

Season 2:

Season 1:

- Highlight the URL and paste it into, one at a time. Push the download button.
- Right click the last link (.mp4 files), save as... The files are big, it's the HQ/HD version, 100-170 MB each.
- Do it now, you never know when YT or the uploader takes the videos down.
- Sometimes is busy, try again later.
- You may want to convert the mp4-files to xvid/divx videos in order to burn a DVD disc and watch the Maryann Forrester show on your divx compatible DVD player.

VoilĂ , le show Maryann Forrester :)
La gloire, c'est l'audience.