Monday, 12 October 2009

Highland Park

Nightshift for the blog. 2am in Amsterdam here. And I'm happy to inform you that Michelle Forbes has indeed joined the cast of the indie movie Highland Park. And if I can trust my in-built chip, well, you never know ... but ... hellooo, Michigan?
"HIGHLAND PARK — A school teacher living in this enclave suburb wins the lottery. No, he doesn’t move out, he spends his money to get the shuttered McGregor Library renovated and reopened after nearly a decade of neglect.
Sound like Hollywood? It is, sort of. It’s Michigan’s focus on film making as economic development at work.
With state tax incentives backing them, the Highland Park Productions LLC, will begin shooting Sept. 28 on a $5 million movie to be set in Highland Park. Danny Glover stars as the lucky, lotto-winning teacher.
Hundreds of locals will be used and local banks, homes and institutions, including the Library, will provide the setting for what writer, director and producer Andrew Meieran said is the story of the “quintessential American town,” Highland Park. [...]
When the state took over the city of Highland Park in 2001, the emergency financial manager Ramona Pearson closed the library. At the time historic treasures were removed from the building by then chair of the Library Commission Katherine Clarkson and alledgely stored at a local company. Mayor Yopp said in an interview Mon. that the city had an inventory of those items and all would be returned upon the library’s opening. [...]
Meieran said he came across a photo of the McGregor Library while surfing the internet and its classic architecture and contrasting, boarded up fa├žade, in a city with the rich history of Highland Park, made it the perfect movie set to tell the story of the American Dream."

The Highland Park page on the IMDb tells us that Michelle Forbes will be playing 'Sylvia', Deborah Ann Woll is listed as 'Lilly'. Both are 'rumored'.