Monday, 29 June 2009

Come on in. The water's warm.

A satyr! A nymph! A nysiad! A succubus! The sorceress Circe! The enchantress Circe from "The Odyssey"! A monster! Greek! Egyptian! Roman! A minotaur! A beast!
"It's starting to get a little hard to keep track of all the creatures showing up!"

See, what if Carl was dishing out the soup and decided to take a break, relax in pig form in his little house. Then Andy comes with his big mouth bringing attention the little house and, uh oh, here comes the boss! "If Maryann smacked me like that for bringing towels, what would she do to me if she sees me slacking on the job?" Better get back to work before she sees me! Then Maryanne looks and says "What pig?" Carl's back on soup duty. Of course, this could only work if he's got powers like that.
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Alan Ball's sexy, gory, sexy, violent, sexy, dark, sexy, scary, sexy, funny, sexy and disturbing expansion of Charlaine Harris' novels about the erotic relationship between psychic waitress Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin) and centuries-old vampire Bill Compton (Stephen Moyer) has improved markedly in its sophomore season with the addition of the scintillating Michelle Forbes as the enigmatic Maryann Forrester, a supernatural temptress who befriends the locals in the tiny Louisiana town of Bon Temps and brings out the nasty in all of them.

My new frock is very, very Maryann. Am I getting wardrobe advice from the True Blood gals now? As long as it's not Suckeh, that's cool.
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What I found most interesting in this episode, as I have found all season, is Maryann. Michelle Forbes plays her as the perfect enabler, telling everyone how awful their lives were until she came along, promising that she'll make everything better if they only stick with her. She's a vampire of a different kind—she wants your soul, not your blood.

* wiscck: Michelle Forbes is absolutely gorgeous in True Blood.
* erickisrael: Michelle Forbes = awesome on true blood
* Yendi: Watching True Blood. So weird, after TNG, BSG, and Homicide, seeing Michelle Forbes playing a character who laughs a lot.
* sleepyval: I want to be Michelle Forbes in my next life.
* Keithikins: I love MaryAnn on True Blood. Fuck yeah weed for breakfast!
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Sex party? Yup... pretty much how I thought it was going to go down, and I knew Tara would come to her senses and feel uncomfortable as soon as things started getting hot and heavy with all these folks around her. I'm not a huge Eggs fan... but man do i LOVE MaryAnn! Michelle Forbes has been rawkin my socks off since she turned up, she just has that perfect mixture of being devious, manipulative and fun all rolled up into one package! :P

Maryann, Maryann. How I adore you. You’re a troublemaker, and it’s fan-tas-tic.
Sure, you could be a real problem for Sam, who I actually do love, and that could be an issue for later. And yes, you’re violent, and could possibly be attacking Sookie. (Crazier things have happened.) AND you seem to be setting the entire town of Bon Temps up for some great fall. But before that happens, you’ve kept everyone entertained, and that makes you a woman after my own heart.
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Q: Does Maryann's species get along with vampires?
A: her has no alliance but herself. she goes solo.
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I'd watch Michelle Forbes slaughter hogs or read the phone book or do her taxes or just sit there.

Michelle Forbes is really really beautiful.
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"Karl knows that if he wants to find fulfillment in life, he needs to be of service," Maryann tells Tara when she says she's not used to having someone wait on her. "So everything he does is really a selfish act." Including getting slapped around by Maryann every now and then?
Why does Sam hate you? Tara asks, as Maryann rolls a gigantic joint. "A little technique I picked up in Ibiza," she says with flawless Castillian pronunciation. Ibiza? Who the hell is this woman?
We already know — courtesy last week's impromptu dance party at Merlotte's — that Maryann knows how to bring the fiesta, but to call this gathering off the hook is an understatement. As everyone partakes of Karl's mystery punch, spirited dancing very quickly devolves into an orgy.
Is Eggs in on Maryann's master plan... or is he, like Tara, just another pawn in her game?

* not enough Maryann on True Blood tonight.
* I'm totally trying to go to bed, but I'm watching True Blood. Maryann throws the baddest parties ever! LOL Sam she's not so bad!
* maryann is rollin the hell outta them blunts on True Blood! i love her!
* omg! i want MaryAnn's dress from True Blood!!!
* MaryAnn's like the neighborhood pusher-man, shoving liquor and drugs in everyone's hands in a subtle way (True Blood)
* "True Blood" fans ... Help! What the frak is Maryann?
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