Saturday, 13 June 2009

Freedom and Beauty

Michelle Forbes explains about the ambiguous nature of her character Maryann:
There’s also the mysterious, bohemian character of Maryann introduced in the last episodes of season one where she introduced herself as a social worker to the emotionally spent Tara. She quickly swept the damaged woman away to her mansion where she continues to “nurse” her back to health. Played by Michelle Forbes (Star Trek: TNG, Battlestar Galactica: Razor), audiences already know there’s more to Maryann than meets the eye due to her first appearance naked with a pig by the side of a road displaying some weird, vibrating mojo. Forbes assures that Maryann only gets weirder and worse in season two.

"I’ve played a lot of people that do bad things and it’s always an interesting journey as an actor because you can never approach it that way", Forbes explains about the ambiguous nature of her character. “For me with Maryann, I think that she is a character about perception. She does not perceive her quest as bad. She perceives it as being beautiful and she doesn’t understand why people don’t get it and come along for the ride.”

This season that ride will include some confrontations with Sam and some decidedly carnal parties that involve much of Bon Temps.

“She’s not a nefarious person in her mind at all,” the actress continues. “She just wants everyone to be free like she is free. She doesn’t understand why everyone is mucking about in pain and suffering. So she’s not a Hitler-type villain nor a serial killer villain out for control. But she’s after something though.”