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The Sensual Dance of True Blood

As expected, there's incredible amount of True Blood flowing all over the net. We are dedicated to give you the full flavour of the very best of it.

You know, Maryann is seven kinds of supernatural creepy, but her stock immediately rises in my book when she proceeds to order four entrees for lunch. I don't know about you, but it's always great when I find a kindred soul.

Absolutely loving Maryann/Michelle Forbes - her character is so intriguing and you just want to keep watching to find out what the hell she is up to...
Her fascination with Tara and Benedict hooking up seems like she wants a child.... and her behaviour around people seems ritualistic and animalistic.... definitely up to no good whatever way you look at it....

Its just my opinion, but I blame Maryanne's vibrations for the excessive heat in the Midwest ... and there is nothing you can say to change my mind. - Vikings rule!
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Right now, though, the show’s in that ramping up period where it has me quite curious about the nature of Maryann, in particular, and the episode’s strongest sequences was the slowly devolving dance orgy perpetrated by her particular brand of magic. It was a scene that was legitimately fun to watch (Chris Bauer’s epileptic dancing was a highlight), and yet remained solidly sinister in Michelle Forbes’ freewheeling authority, giving the appearance of having given away control to the power of dance while managing to feel completely in control at the same time. She’s definitely one of the things that could keep me coming back to the show.
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Did I ever tell you you're my hero, Michelle Forbes? Like, you're the wind beneath my wings, standing out from the sidelines of TV series [...]
Forbes shivers me timbers with her vibratory vixenish certainty. She's the natural center of the storm that's brewing in Bon Temps — convincing because the actress specializes in scarily strong women, bordering on the carnivorous and castrating. I was never a huge fan of Star Trek: The Next Generation, so I never fell for her Ensign Ro Laren. But we've all noticed that even the briefest appearance by the actress gives the most implausible plot turn a heft and force only the formidable Forbes can deliver.
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MaryAnn is a Sacral Vampire. She was born in ancient egypt of the Ancient Bloodkin Race. Powers she has:
- lasers from eyeholes
- seduction of mankind
- flame breath
- ice breath
- +5 ray of charisma
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* Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About MAENADS but were afraid to ask
* Can a gorilla become a vampire?
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* amamini: Can True Blood please devote a whole episode just to Maryann dancing? Pls & thnks!
* ScaryBilly: Memo to Alan Ball and writers of True Blood: More Michelle Forbes, please!
* GeorgeJobson: Who's the sexiest woman on "True Blood?" Not anna Paquin, but Michelle Forbes. She's the real reason why I watch the series.
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Maryann’s power over Sam is truly fascinating, and their interactions are some of my favorite scenes. I love Maryann and actress Michelle Forbes, and her brief meeting with Sookie was immensely intriguing – her reaction and tone, but also the deep, whisper-like voice Sookie could hear in her thoughts.

[Maryann] seems to have the ability to control people's minds and manipulate them into doing what she wants them to do. An infuriated Sam takes her to the back and threatens her about the restaurant being his. Maryann does not take kindly and turns Sam into a dog with her mind. Michelle Forbes amazed me again this week as she commands your attention with every move her character makes and keeps viewers guessing. Maryann gets more dangerous on a weekly basis.

If this season has a breakout character, though, it may well be Michelle Forbes' Maryann, a sociable shape-shifter whose affable exterior masks a dark, disturbing inner malevolence. She has the shining, and there are early signs that she will be Sookie's most dangerous adversary to date. There's a knockout scene, midway through tonight's episode, when Maryann and Sookie cross paths for the first time. They're all smiles and giggles, but the tension is so thick you can carve it with a rusty boning knife.

* Why does Maryanne eat so much?
* Why was Maryann ordering so much food?
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* MaryAnn Greek(?) thoughtstream transcription
* Maryann is a maenad not a witch
* What The Hell Is Maryann?
* Long shot, but regarding Sookie 'probing' Maryanne (with telepathy)
etc etc etc.
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(Note by Chris: The people on the imdb board are much weirder than Maryann.)

* therealseanjohn: Ensign Ro, Admiral Cain and now Maryann in True Blood. Michelle Forbes is a nerd goddess. Do people realize?
* therealseanjohn: @52projects Michelle Forbes is the best thing about #true blood this season. Someone give her a lifetime achievment award!
* kidschlocko: When Maryann does her weird vibrating thing on True Blood - it freaks me out. And who or what is she?
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On the other end of the quality spectrum, Maryann shows more of her true colors this episode as she winds both Sam and Tara (Rutina Wesley) tighter around her finger (with the rest of the town quickly following suit). Director Michael Lehmann plays up Forbes' inscrutable qualities, lending her enigma and menace in equal tones behind that passive-aggressive smile. From a fanboy perspective, speculation continues on exactly what kind of freaky thing she is. The books on which True Blood is based have an answer, but the show takes great delight in slowly trickling out clues.

Vampires aside, the major mystery of the season continues to surprise and intrigue viewers. Maryann’s mysterious powers are further illustrated by riling everyone at Merlotte’s into a sexual frenzy. Michelle Forbes’ portrayal of the manipulative maenad (as she is apparently known in Greek mythology) is at once alluring and dangerous. Given the werewolf reference playing during her risqué dance session, Maryann might just be the introduction into a whole other fantasy world.

I worry #trueblood has lost steam but will watch for Michelle Forbes (Maryann).
I hope when I'm in my 40's, I'm as sexy and sex kittenish as Michelle Forbes (from True Blood).
"True Blood 2": So nice to see Michelle Forbes in a part this good. She should be doing classic comedies on stage.
Okay, Michelle Forbes' character is officially Dangerous.
If Pam and Michelle Forbes character are in a scene together I will marry this show.
Think I am in love with Maryann from True Blood.
Maryann's chanting inside her head was sounded like Latin.
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I don’t know what the deal is with this woman, but with her ability to get the entire bar to dance their asses off and force Sam into shifting his shape, she intrigues me.

And, also, she’s hot.

At Merlotte's, Maryann has eaten her way through the entire menu, and is looking to burn some calories. Detective Andy Bellefleur is drinking and moping in the corner. Maryann wants to dance. Andy doesn't want to dance. Maryann wants to dance with Andy. Andy doesn't want to dance with Maryann. Maryann does the chin-shoulder thing. Andy dances. As does every other patron at Merlottes.

Side note: We never have to worry about Maryann being anorexic. That woman has proven that yes, you can eat whatever you want, as long as you know how to vibrate and force shape shifters to, well, shift their shapes.
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All this bottled sexual tension at Jesus camp is just begging for a little of Maryann's powers. Honesty!
[...] a hell of a lot is going on at Merlotte's with our biggest supernatural unknown, Maryann, who has turned the bar into a dance-infused Bacchanalian orgy in the making. (Anyone know if that was Greek Sookie heard in Maryann's head?) We're not yet sure exactly what being she's worshiping, but she's well on her way to becoming another example of extreme religious fervor. With some magical powers thrown in.

[Sookie, ] this is the time to pull Tara aside and say, "Girl, get out. Mercedes McCambridge is doing a voiceover for your hostess at the luxury palace."
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At first, it looked like Tara was going to pull a Tara and end things with Eggs because of her fear of getting close. But then he stepped up -- easier to do when Carl wasn't around to intervene with fresh towels. Is Eggs in on whatever plan Maryann has or is he just another fly caught in her web? Sookie put herself on Maryann's to-do-away-with list after asking Tara to move in with her. Maryann can't have that. And now Sookie has an inkling that something's not quite right with Maryann since her thoughts are mostly a bunch of ancient chanting. Cape Cod, right.

Sam must not really know all that much about Maryann. He knows she has abilities -- and not just the ability to make her head vibrate -- and he's afraid of her and for the people she's interacting with, but he hasn't really thought to seriously warn anyone about it. [...] One of Maryann's other abilities reared its aphrodisiac head in this episode. She can give people -- like the dancing customers at Merlotte's -- warm and fuzzy feelings and get them on their feet, or um, off them. [...] The god of lust? Or excess?

...the bigger, more important scene later on, when Maryann casts a spell over everyone in the restaurant and they all start wiggling sensuously.

I love True Blood and I am so excited to see that it has so far successfully avoided the sophomore slump. It seems to me that this season is shaping to be the best. With awesome mysteries and shady characters there are many avenues the show can take to secure more mind blowing twists and turns.
Chris, how did you know Maryann was from Cape Cod? Is there something, you're not saying?