Saturday, 6 June 2009

True Blood Schedule for June, July & UK Premiere

This coming Sunday (June 7)on HBO , at 7 PT, you may catch the last 3 ep's from Season 1, all of which guest-starred Michelle as the mysterious Maryann.

Season 2 premieres on the 14th of June, at 8 PT,with the 13th episode in the series: Nothing But the Blood. Maryann is due to be featured prominently in the upcoming season.

And if you don't ever get enough of Maryann on Sundays and at the encore plays throughout the week, the first 3 ep's of S2 are airing back-to-back on Sunday, July 5th at 8 PT.

Also, good news for the UK fans: Season 1 has been picked up by FX channel, who will be airing the first season in July. Channel 4 is due to follow their suit.

Series 1 on is also available for pre-order on

Team Maryann, unite and take over!