Friday, 5 June 2009

Happy Birthday, Randy - Home 2009 - Date With The Earth

Happy birthday, Randy! Since this blog is still a cosy place with less than 200 unique visitors a day, I'd like to send your present right here:

HOME 2009 - Watch In HD Quality - Youtube Stream

(For those across the big pond: You will only be able to watch the movie when it's june, 5th, 00:00 in your country :-)

93 minutes in HD quality.

Or go to the Youtube site of the Home project:

For the first time in history a film is released on the same day, today June 5th 2009, World Environment Day, in over 50 countries all over the globe, on every format, movie theatres, TV, DVD and on the internet. And mostly free of charge.

And I hope that the Michelle Forbes fans don't mind this off-topic posting :) I promise I won't do this again, and esp. not after June 14th, because it will get crowded here!!