Thursday, 11 June 2009

Michelle Makes Television History with True Blood

A fellow fan from Pop Wrap has just been chatting to Michelle on everything True Blood, as well as her sudden disappearance from 24. Not only, did Maryann have the most attention-grabbing introduction in television history, naked on a dark road and accompanied by an oversized pig. She sets the volume up to 11 in the first handful of new "Trues".

Find out how True Blood isn't all about vampires and "honors the intelligence and investment of the audience", the weight of Maryann's agenda in Bon Temps, and about storyline hurricanes that make you feel like it's Christmas!

PopWrap: With all the secrecy surrounding the show, what do you tell people about season two?
Michelle Forbes: Get ready pal! [laughs] Oooh boy, it's insanely out of control. Buckle up and get a helmet!

PW: Maryann had a fabulous introduction on the show. What did you think when you read "discovered naked in the road with giant pig?"
Michelle: You know you're in for one hell of a ride! When that is your entrance, you know it will be anything but boring!

PW: She is still something of a mystery. All we know is that Maryann needs Tara. Is that accurate?
Michelle: Tara is the conduit into the rest of the town for Maryann. The mystery will play out over the season. You don't quite know where it's going or what her agenda is -- but when it gets revealed, it's heavy!

PW: That's the thing about Maryann that's so great, she's so mysterious, I question everything she does and says.
Michelle: Exactly, you don't know what her agenda is. What the writers have come up with -- and how it all comes together in the end -- is very clever.

PW: A lot of people keep going back to that weird vibration thing she did in season one, was that an isolated thing?
Michelle: Oh no. Maryann's vibrations are really integral to who she is. You'll see it happen again.

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