Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Durham County - The Story

durham countyFor all of you who want to stay 'un-spoiled'- STOP READING NOW. Of course, Durham County is not just about 'Who dunnit?' The story of the second season of Durham County:

"More betrayal and terrifying secrets are unleashed when Durham County returns for a second electrifying season.
Detective Mike Sweeney (Hugh Dillon, Flashpoint) is on a career high after capturing serial killer Ray Prager. Unfortunately, his personal life is coming apart at the seams as his wife pleads for a divorce and his daughter struggles to come to terms with the anguish left behind by a killer.
While investigating a new murder, he meets forensic psychiatrist Dr. Pen Verrity (Michelle Forbes, True Blood/In Treatment) who soon finds a place in his heart and in his bed. Pen, having lost her young daughter in a drowning accident, becomes a port in a storm – a charming, beautiful, empathetic lover who soon infiltrates Mike's family.
But when Mike begins to suspect that Pen may be a murderess, that her daughter's death was deliberate not accidental, he finds himself caught in a game of cat and mouse, emotionally bound to a villain who is ruthless and cunning."
Source: http://www.moviecentral.ca/series/Durham_County/about.asp

Pictures of the new episodes can be found here:

Unfortunately, as of yet, no trailer is available.

And for the readers who are interested in the Making-Of the first season of the miniseries, you can watch 6 videos on the site themovienetwork.ca. (What Lies Beneath: The Story; The Patriarchs of Durham County; The Matriarchs of Durham County; The Directors of Durham County; The Making of a Monster; Durham County: Always Riveting). Interviews and Behind-The-Scenes with the writers, directors, producers and the actors. The first season is currently re-airing in Canada.

The second season premieres July 13, 2009 on The Movie Network (Eastern Canada) and Movie Central ( Western Canada ).