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IT'S GOING DOOOWWWN. Get your towels ready!
A fan on the TB facebook site

Well, I've seen the episode, "Keep This Party Going," and I'm here to point you young padawans on the path to understanding.[...] Tara is still shacking up with the ethereal Maryann.[...]I think this season is going to center around two major plot points: Maryann and the nature of her powers and the vampire-hating Fellowship of the Sun.
The mysterious Maryann, ably played by the steely-eyed Michelle Forbes, exudes a powerful energy in every scene she's in. This week, she has a significant sequence in Merlotte's restaurant. Pay close attention - but not to her - to the other patrons of Sam's family joint. The true nature of who (or what) Maryann really is will reveal itself through her influence on others.

Lamento comunicarles que el primer capítulo de la segunda temporada de True Blood es malo, malo, malo.[Pero] El personaje de la siempre sugerente Michelle Forbes, la mujer de nuestro terapeuta favorito en In treatment, promete.
I regret to inform you that the first chapter of the second season of True Blood is bad, bad, bad. [But] yes, the character of the always inspiring Michelle Forbes, the wife of our favourite therapist on 'In Treatment', is promising.
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Maryann è il personaggio più intrigante ovviamente. E Michelle Forbes è una stupenda!!!
Overall, Maryann is the most intriguing character. And Michelle Forbes is marvellous!

Forbes brings the same caustic, steely energy to her role as a scary, sexy, mysterious benefactor on HBO's bayou vampire saga that she did to her stellar stints on Battlestar Galactica and In Treatment.

When you came in, the air went out
And every shadow, filled up with doubt
I don't know who you think you are
But before the night is through
I wanna do bad things with you.

I'm the kind who sit up in his room
Heart-sick and eyes filled up with blue
I don't know what you've done to me
But I know this much is true:
I wanna do bad things with you....

On a side note, I am loving MaryAnn's character, I love Michelle Forbes, I loved her as Lynn in Season 2 of 24 and Admiral Cain in Battlestar Galactica.

The interesting thing to me is that Sam's experience is treated as being almost as traumatic as Sookie's. Society usually looks with faint amusement on the idea of a teenaged boy in a sexual liaison with an older woman. From The Summer of '42 to Class to last year's The Reader, the tacit assumption is that this is a dream come true for the teenaged boy. By contrast, Sam's seduction by Maryann at age 17 seems to have left him nearly as traumatized as Sookie. The moment he sees Maryann again he panics, much as Sookie did when Bartlett showed up at Gran's funeral. He brings Maryann every dollar he has, stuffed in a trash bag, in an attempt to appease her. He avoids touching her when she comes to see him. He acts, in fact, as though he were scared spitless. Far from a sexual awakening, Sam's experience with Maryann seems to have put the fear of God(dess) into him in a big way. I didn't think I could feel sorrier for Sam than I did at the end of Season One, but I do. Sam Trammell's superb rendering of this complex and lovelorn man/shapeshifter is one of the highlights of this show.

NB (Randy): Song playing during the pool scene. It's lovely, I kind of feel like escaping to that kind of culture: Jussara Silveira - Lá Vem a Baiana

NB (Chris): Not Mycenaean, Carl. Egyptian Nathor
NB (Randy): Maryann needs a new servant with reliable classical knowledge.

*tinaamariee: Did anyone else think that Maryann's (True Blood) black dress was to die for?
*Justin_TheBuck just watched #True Blood and it was ok. Really hope it doesn't get shitty this season. Is Maryann a god?
*_juniorr: jesuseffinchrist! True blood premiere granted us the new bitch on the block: Maryann. I love those characters!
* AmandaKlaus: That crazy bitch Maryann from True Blood is seriously the new Mommy Dearest. "NOBODY NEEDED TOWELS!!!" And I love that Bill recycles.
* pirs: Maryann é o melhor personagem atual de True Blood, sem dúvida.
*BethyPie: had a dream that I went to the dentist and found out for sure that I needed braces. MaryAnn from True Blood was there. I knew she was evil.
* extenuate: Oh man. Michelle Forbes as Maryann Forrester, in True Blood. So awesome. Such delicious bitchosity.
*hoosiersuz: @Cudlitz True Blood was good..That Maryann is a little touchy with her towels huh???
*ZuriNayeem: True Blood: ooh, Lafayette! :) Maryann--I don't care if she's "different" or not, she gets POINTS for laying Tara's mommma out! boom! :)
*Watermoon126: Is it or did anyone else yell with joy when Maryann gave her little speech? YEAH! Right on Sister!!!
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So exciting! Very concerned about Lafayette. I want Michelle Forbes in every frame.

What the hell is MaryAnn? And why is she so interested in seeing Eggs and Tara hook up? (Nice to see the "woman/pig" line come back to haunt Tara). Michelle Forbes is the bomb, after Admiral Cain and Kate Weston, this looks to be a like another stand out role for her ("Nobody needed towels!!!") Also, that was such a set up for young Sam/puppy when he found all that food / clothing that was just right for him. Hmmm......

The script is packed with great one-liners and Michelle Forbes steals every scene she's in. Season 2 is gonna be a good'un!
Michelle Forbes is a true find. She won me over on BSG, she was one scary motherfraker, and I'm glad to report Michelle is bringing the same intensity to this role, although she does get a lot of fun moments, too. Maryann is still a giant, sexy question mark at this stage, but she spells trouble. Oh and will Tara bite the dust? ''There's something evil out there that wanted her soul, you're not careful it'll come for yours, too'' and then Maryann shows up to hand Tara's mom her neglectful ass on a plate. Coincidink? I think not.

Q: Why is Michelle Forbes so hot? - Why why why why why
A: Because she can vibrate.
Source: IMDb TB board
Q: The reason MaryAnn was pissed about the towels ...
A: They were really nice Egyptian Cotton towels and she doesn't want guests using them.
Source: IMDb TB board

Tara has been taken in by Maryann Forrester, a woman who [...] has six kinds of crazy lurking behind her eyes. Whenever Maryann's onscreen---whether she's telling off Tara's mother, or seducing a young Sam Merlotte in a flashback-she turns this episode awesomely nasty. Her best moment? Maryann slaps [her servant] to the ground, screaming "Nobody needed more towels!" I guarantee you that right after she did that, drag queens across the land quivered with delight at hearing the latest thing they can holler from a cabaret stage. Maryann's rage is total, surprising, and ludicrous. Why does she want those two together? Why does she hate towels? We'll probably find out in a few weeks, but for now, we can thank her smackdown for giving us the season's first Sucker Punch of the Week. Source: The Huffington Post

Take, for example, Forbes’ MaryAnn, who is really the show’s most interesting lead at the moment. We know that she has some sort of ridiculous magic power, we know [her history with Sam] and that she’s now trying to bring Tara into her flock of sorts through the power of weed, lust and I don’t even know what else. Her motivations are completely unclear: Sam thinks she’s after him but she seems to refuse this notion, while Tara has no idea that she’s even remotely evil. It’s a storyline where we as the audience know more than pretty well any characters, and yet we still know absolutely nothing – however, since I don’t care about either Sam or Tara, and I can’t really foresee a situation where I would care about them, my ability to sit around waiting for a solution is limite.
Generally, Michelle Forbes is pretty damn fun here – slapping around her butler was particular enjoyable, and was one of the elements of the pilot that I truly enjoyed as opposed to being caught pondering how much more interesting the show could be.

Michelle Forbes is awesome. Like, no words can describe how awesome she is. She has, hands down, the best story line on the show right now.

How great is it to see Michelle Forbes in a role that really shows her range?
Source: Entertainment Weekly

I said it this morning and I'll say it again tonight... Michelle Forbes on TRUE BLOOD! HOLY SHITBALLS she's amazing.
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I decided I am going to watch TRUE BLOOD tonight and only for one reason. Michelle Forbes. I love that woman in anything she does.
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Another delightful addition is the wicked Maryann, played to the hilt by Michelle Forbes. This character poses to be the most interesting wildcard of the second season, and again, Ball is masterful at painting strong female villains and heroines, fleshed out and genuinely compelling. Her scenes are riveting.

How wild is the show this season? Extremely. Mysterious Maryann (Michelle Forbes) gives TV's raciest parties. When she starts shaking, watch out.

But if Bill represents a judicious but secretly bloodthirsty superpower, then Maryann (Michelle Forbes) is a rogue state teeming with terrorists and corrupt generals -- maybe somewhere in the tropics (Indonesia?), given Maryann's penchant for fat joints and fruity drinks. For the barely restrained hedonists among us (I think that's all of us, actually), Forbes is a joy to watch. That woman was born to play the role of smug, sybaritic seductress, sighing happily over her lush spread of fruits and pastries and fresh coffee, then rolling up a gargantuan spliff to share with Tara. Whether she's charming the otherwise surly crowd at Merlotte's into dancing and carousing like a Dionysian trollop or wandering through her lavish grounds in a delighted haze of self-satisfaction, Maryann represents a complete surrender to carnal desire. Of course, without any boundaries or rules or structure to guide the proceedings, Maryann's pleasure dome is sure to devolve into chaos, and there's not much doubt that, given her glowering looks and habit of hanging out with enormous pigs, Maryann represents chaotic evil, and not chaotic good.

Some TB fans in anticipation
* Michelle Forbes is the Maenad! Outstanding!
* What the Eff Is Up with Maryanne?: You guys, I have no idea, but I cannot wait to find out. The malevolent way she greeted Sam at the end of last season was so intense! And then there was the weird extra-dimensional vibrating! And the giant pig! Michelle Forbes is always one of my favorite things about whatever she's in anyway.
:: Jon: Yes! What is up with Maryann?! What is she? I'm so panicked because the last time I saw that actress she was HELENA CAIN. And Helena Cain scared the hell outta me.
* Do you think Michelle Forbes is a Werewolf?
JayTeeDee on Twitter
NB: JayTeeDee, I silently hope that Michelle IS not a werewolf, but you never know ;-)

Forbes remains a hidden treasure for genre fans [...] and the obvious glee she takes in her character's quiet manipulations (as well as the question of exactly what kind of creature she is) constitute one of the show's great pleasures. Pairing her off with the tart-mouthed Tara marks a stroke of near-brilliance: no other character remains quite so vulnerable as she and yet no other character has the ability to strike back at Maryann with such ferocity.

Sookie's best friend, Tara (Rutina Wesley), has fallen under the influence of someone, too: Maryann (Michelle Forbes), a mysterious and powerful woman who has the ability to, among other things, project emotions outward like a virus, so that everyone in her vicinity becomes aroused, angry or animalistic.
Michelle Forbes [...] is absolutely unleashed here, portraying a woman who may prove to be the most powerful and destructive force on the entire series.

I was intensely bored and unamused and not at all entertained by "True Blood" last season, until Michelle Forbes came on the scene. She's and Alexander Skarsgard are the only reasons I will even consider watching the show in its second season. The Bill + Sookie plot is still a complete snooze. Bill's new vampire spawn was kinda fresh last season, but then she turned pretty one-note too: bratty, which is also a bore after awhile. PS - As a devoted of "In Treatment" fan, I find it mildly amusing that Michelle Forbes went from being Dr. Paul Weston's (Gabriel Byrne) ex to some incarnation of the devil (at worst) or some kind of ancient demon (at best)* on "True Blood". Not that she isn't perfectly cast with her dark beauty and slightly menacing smile, but someone in HBO casting has a sense of humor.
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The town of Bon Temps is seduced by strange, statuesque Maryann (Michelle Forbes), who looks like a catalog model for clothes designed by Anne Rice. When she throws a party, the revelers turn into mindless orgiasts with solid-black eyes.

Probably most intriguing is the addition of Michelle Forbes, who is cast playing the mysterious and mercurial “Maryann,” who has come back to town with something evil in mind. Her history with closet “shapeshifter” Sam Merlotte (played by Sam Tramwell) is as interesting as what she has in mind for the future. Clearly not a vampire, Maryann’s origins and intents are as cloudy as the character herself.

Certainly, the Alan Ball vampire show is watchable and well-acted, and the first four episodes of the new season exhibit no signs of a sophomore slump. However, I couldn’t shake one nagging feeling while watching them: Shouldn’t this be a little bit better?
I don’t mean I’m looking for some stuffy prestige project — quite the contrary. True Blood is best when it fully embraces its camp value, never more than the early Season Two moment when Michelle Forbes (as the mysterious new villain Mary Ann) slaps her fey assistant, channels Joan Crawford, and bellows, “No one. Needed. TOWELS!”

Q: You share a lot of screen time with the mysterious Maryann this season - which no one will give up any information on what she is so I’ll just ask - what’s it been like working with Michelle Forbes, who plays Maryann?
Rutina Wesley: Working with her is like a dream. She’s open, she’s generous, she’s ready to go. She’s so focused and driven. You look at this woman’s eyes and she’s just got you. That’s a scene partner. That’s someone who is on her mark and ready to go.

No one could accuse “True Blood” of being prudish. You may wonder, as I did, if the show is an excuse to see attractive people who are not overburdened with clothing give in to their steamier desires. - Yet the character responsible for some of the steamiest antics—a mysterious woman named Maryann—is played by the magnetic Michelle Forbes, who gives the character a frisson of danger. Forbes’ crackling performance is one of the best things about the show, but the excellent work of several other supporting players—including Rutina Wesley as Sookie’s friend Tara, Alexander Skarsgard as a commanding vampire named Eric and Ryan Kwanten as Sookie’s brother Jason—make “True Blood” worth watching.
Source: The Watcher Chicagotribune

Of the cast, Forbes is a standout, someone whose cheery demeanor belies the words she handles like swords.

[...] a prickly goddess of hedonism played by the superb Michelle Forbes [...] this season we see more of Forbes's Maryann, who has taken in Tara (Rutina Wesley) for reasons that remain mysterious and suspicious. Maryann is, like most of the "True Blood" characters, dramatic but with bits of caricature around the edges. She's all about empowering women, and she has a mod "Girl From Ipanema" jauntiness about her. But don't cross her. Forbes, who was stellar as Gabriel's Byrne's ex-wife on "In Treatment," is camp fun in this role, twisting her hands up to the sky to invoke good times. Tara is drawn into Maryann's web, in the way humans are drawn toward a vampire who is "glamouring" them. But Maryann, like Sam the shape-shifter, is not a vampire. The show, with its subtext about human diversity, features diverse monsters, too.

"You know, we’re in the middle of an economic depression and I think there is something really wonderful about truly escaping and questioning other worldly aspects and sort of coming out of the rooted uncomfortableness that is happening in this country right now.” – Michelle Forbes, who plays the mysterious Maryann on “True Blood”
Source: Access Hollywood

Michelle Forbes (Battlestar Galactica, In Treatment) is doing a fabulous job as Maryann, a mysterious benefactor for Sookie's pal Tara (Rutina Wesley). Upcoming episodes will make Maryann's powers clear.

I’m loving Michelle Forbes (one of my favorite actresses since her days on "Homicide") as Maryann. You’ll learn a lot more about her and about Sam (Sam Trammell) early in the season.

True Blood Season 2 spoiler: Two eps in & Michelle Forbes is stealing every scene she's in. Ryan Kwanten's abs making off with the rest.
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